Top 15 best tweets about Sunday, an almost perfect day

We like to complain about Sundays because we are bored, everything is closed and nothing interesting ever happens, but it would be nice to stop playing spoiled brats. Tell yourself that there are plenty of people working on Sundays so stop complaining and enjoy the calm of this day without problems.

1. A bit like the other days of the week

3. Nice little top with jogging

4. Can’t wait for more

5. Strength to you teachers

6. France addicted to (baguettes) traditions.

7. Yeah but no

8. A job with a future

9. It hits where it hurts

10. The dog who loved rehearsal comedy

11. Jealousy is not present at all

12. We’ve all done it before

13. And come on, you have to prepare a picnic at 11 p.m.

14. More moved you die

15. The impression of being the only person who has never watched this series

Take advantage of your Sunday to do nothing at all, this day was created for that.

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