Top 15 Best Tweets About Rats, They’re A Little Too Cozy

If you live in town or your home is in an advanced state of decomposition, you probably see rats a little too often. They walk around, they swarm in the trash cans and they make you want to puke as soon as they pass too close to your ankles. Like pigeons, rats are part of our lives and they deserve a special tribute.

1. Getting claws out for no reason *_*

2. A polite rat nonetheless

3. But how awful

4. “When I was a kid I paid $1 to see ‘the world’s fattest rat’ at a carnival. I came home and it was actually a capybara so I told everyone. world. I got kicked out of the giant rat tent just because I know the names of the animals.”

5. Especially since it’s just soup at first

6. *Sound of vomit*

7. Too cute

8. That describes them pretty well

9. “People who live in NYC: I live in New York, I have 3 roommates and 2 of them are rats. We eat pizza every night. Rent? $4,000 a second.”

10. It’s less gross when it’s birds

11. “Ratatouille is way too funny because the bad guy isn’t even really bad, he just doesn’t want his food cooked by rats”

12. It costs too much too

13. “Cinderella Inside Out: Rats and sparrows that ruin a prince’s life until he becomes vulgar enough to date the local maid.”

14. We’ll calm down though

15. Gulls are much worse

Would you like to adopt a baby rat? There is a new litter in front of exit 3 of Gare du Nord.

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