Top 15 best tweets about people who don’t want kids, “but you sure you don’t…

You always get the same thoughts when you say you don’t want kids and it’s always very annoying. “You’ll change your mind later”, “You’ll regret it” or even “Are you thinking of those who can’t have one?” “, frankly, it lacks originality. By the way, we even have the best memes of those who don’t want children and today, we offer you the best tweets. Very good reading!

1. Spending your own money on yourself

“My fiancé and I made a ‘baby piggy bank’ and we put in a dollar every time we are asked if we are going to have children. When the piggy bank is full, we spend the money on what we want since we have no children. »

2. All childhood is called into question

“Is the rich aunt really rich or does she just have no children?” »

3. I can hear the neighbors’ children 4 floors up through the air ducts…

“The worst scam in the world: Apartments with a tax if you have animals but not if you have children. My cat spends her days lying on a blanket so I can literally hear the neighbors kids banging on the walls. »

4. My plant is dying. Luckily I don’t have children.

“We skipped the ‘children’ box and we have cats. I keep buying plants and watching them die. When there is one that survives more than a year, I see it as one of my children who got his Master’s degree. »

5. More money, more free time, less noise

“Your kids need to have a better, sweeter life. / “If you don’t have children, your life will be sweeter”

6. Wonderful costume

“People say, ‘You’re 40 now, you should settle down and have kids. Well actually I’m busy here, I have to finish my dog’s taco costume for Halloween. »

7. Simple and effective

“How do you regulate the content your children have access to online? “By not having children”

8. A gothic little dog must be cute

“Having a child is really like having a pet that can go through a goth phase. »

9. Take care of your kids instead of our lives.

“Some of you will be that mate who’s 38 and a 1-year-old” / “Pregnant prom teen twittering is still sanctimonious”

10. Soccer Mom Hell

“If you want to dress your kid for kindergarten at 40 that’s your problem” / “Always better than trying to relive your 20s at 40 because you spent your 20s taking care of your kids.” »

11. Gender Reveal Party Hell

“A baby gender reveal party set an entire rib on fire but yeah, I’m the one being selfish not wanting kids. »

12. The Cursed Year of the Calendar

“Not having kids just so you don’t have to explain 2020 to them”

13. Together We Will Win

“Me and the rest of Gen Z are going to solve the overpopulation problem just by not wanting kids because babies are dodgy and like to stare a little too much for humans who can’t fight. »

14. Who knew baby teeth could be so creepy?

“Scary infant skull x-ray. »

15. In the face of anti-abortion

“Mandatory vasectomies as long as you don’t want children since they are reversible. Come on guys, save lives! No really not ? Why ? Because it’s your body and we can’t decide for you? Ooooh! »

The next time you’re asked if you regret not having kids, ask these people if they kinda regret having any.

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