Top 15 Best Google Reviews in History

If you know us a bit, you know that we really like Google reviews here. We have even compiled quite a few: opinions on police stations, opinions on pounds, opinions on universities… Enough to fill a book. But rather than releasing a book, we decided to classify our favorite opinions in all categories here. It should brighten your day.

1. Just fire Monica right away

“I have been a professional medium for 15 and a half years and I am VERY sensitive to all the energies that surround us. The instructors were very good and the place is clean but when I walked into the studio I was ASSASSILLED by the dark energy radiating from Monica from the front desk. »

2. Shave that pointy thing right now let’s get it over with

Top 15 best google reviews in history
Best google reviews

3. Looks like the end of Sixth Sense this big twist

“Hi Phil, you are not one of our customers, your wife is a good friend of our competitors. Why give us 1 star when you never came? Plus you died 2 years ago Phil. »

4. Teachers apparently not very attentive

5. Clarification: this is an opinion left on a butterfly farm

“Horrible place if you don’t like swarms and butterflies. In addition, the exposed fruits are reserved for butterflies and cannot be eaten. »

6. A big lie and a bigger backlash

“I ordered a waffle and found a fingernail and a hair in it. I was told I had to wait 1 hour to get another one. I was never reimbursed. I wouldn’t even send my worst enemy to this restaurant. »

– Our restaurant is not open yet so it’s impossible. We open May 12, in case you have any doubts.


” Bad. »

– It’s a shame to have posted such a bad review, knowing that you have never eaten in our restaurant. You are our neighbor from the jewelry store next door. By the way, you have put 5 stars in your store.

8. Whew for the pizza

“I know all about your affair Andrew. I always knew it. And there’s something you don’t know. You got my wife pregnant. The boy is 8 years old now. Since this boy was born I have given him nothing but love. And in return he looks at me, smiles at me, and says to me: “I love you daddy”. There is nothing more beautiful than being a dad Andrew. All those moments when you watch them grow, when you’re there to celebrate their victories and help them when things get tough. Love is pure and unconditional. You will never know that. And that’s my revenge Andrew. Those days that should have been the happiest of your life are now mine. All the love you should have received, I took it from you. I stole your joy.

The pizza was very good. »

9. You always have to look on the bright side of things in life.

About a hospital in Prague:

“The only satisfaction this hospital gave me was knowing that Reinhard Heydrich had died here. (Heydrich was a senior Nazi official)

10. I’m going to spend my birthday there

“My local laundromat:

“My husband and I literally discovered a body in the parking lot of this place last week. He had been there so long his body had stiffened and no one came to see how he was until I called the police. Other than that, there’s a good taco food truck in the parking lot. »

11. When the local Chinese restaurant is surely home to the local mafia

“Horrible food and bad customer service. I ordered my spicy dish, and when I received it it was not spicy and there was no seasoning. I called the restaurant to tell them that my food was not spicy, they insulted me and told me that if I ever came back to their restaurant one day they would kill me. »

12. 37 years later, she leaves a review

“My first visit to Lac du Blaireau dates back to 1983, when I came to visit my grandparents in their vacation home. I was bitten by a tick and I didn’t realize it. I have been sick all my life and now have advanced Lyme disease, diagnosed this year (March 2020). Watch out for ticks! »

13. There is absolutely nothing personal about this review.

A review of the local car garage:

“My wife broke up with me three weeks ago. The owner’s name is Joe Lopez. He came to help her and she keeps talking to him about me. He told her that if I cared for her I would be there. He was there. Since then he calls her and offers her dates. He fixed his car for free. He uses her status to abuse her. He offers her drinks. Do not go. »


“Just got back from there and barely had I locked my car when an employee came out and yelled at me, telling me I couldn’t park in that parking lot. I will never go back to this overpriced pizzeria again. Really no way to treat people. »

“This incident happened on Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest days in our restaurant and at that time we were overrun with Pokémon Go players, dozens of them were coming to our parking lot. . This person also came to land in the parking lot and started to play and when I told him that it was only for customers he told me that he was the boss. He didn’t even go into the restaurant and played there for 30 minutes talking badly to real customers. Sorry but I have to take care of my business. »

15. Still, They Were No Good

“The burritos remind me of those at Taco Bell in the United States. Completely stuffed with sauce. We have to serve ourselves. Ridiculously high prices for a cafeteria. The beer was the best, for that I give them 1 star. »

“We can’t take this advice seriously since we don’t even serve burritos. »

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