Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

All around the globe, there is a bundle of languages, dialects and languages ​​that have their own formulas, expressions and singularities. This brings richness to man’s finest invention: communication. If we can be interested in various linguistic curiosities, we suggest you today to embark on euphemisms, famous figure of speech which makes it possible to attenuate information which, delivered raw, could be unpleasant. Example: he was fired like shit / he was fired. In this long list of euphemisms, the cases that interest us today are those that allow someone to be told that they are stupid, but with courtesy and class and not without a certain sense of the formula.

1. “You could hide your own Easter eggs.”

Sober, funny, not the least bit vulgar, this formula is a perfect example of what is done best.

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

2. “Smart ideas have always followed you, but you’re faster.”

Interesting case since the idiot could believe that he is being congratulated on his speed without understanding the critical effect against him. In the jargon we call it a mid-soft.

4. “You are not encumbered by the thought process.”

Clever formula that is placed quietly and has its effect in stilted reception. To be used without mockery, because mocking is not very pleasant.

5. “I didn’t expect anything from you, I’m still disappointed.”

Classic within the classics and that is why this one is effective. It works like hell all the time, even if it can still be taken quite badly (quite objectively like most of the top phrases, you use them to tell someone that they’re stupid anyway).

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

6. “If you were alone in any competition, you would still be presented as the last.”

Clear enough, maybe too mean? Does the jerk deserve it? Probably. So to use without moderation obviously.

7. “Having you on the team is like losing three good workers.”

This is to let go of a frankly bad colleague. Heavy in meaning, it can also easily be placed in the world of sport by replacing “worker” with “player”.

8. “You’re not the dumbest in the world, but it’s better for you that the first one doesn’t die.”

Yeah, this one is really violent. Maybe a bit too much. To be reserved for the elderly when they address their grandchildren with their legendary tact.

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

9. “Take it easy, don’t let your brain go to your head.”

Half-respectful, half-insulting, we are on a fairly well-made hybrid that still wants to say what it means. To be used only on very very cons anyway because it is spicy.

10. “You are the reason we use ‘warning’ signs.”

Frankly this is one of the most effective. Implacable, she leaves no room for any response. Useful on people who are clearly very very stupid.

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

12. “The wheel is turning, but the hamster is obviously dead.”

The small animal side brings a certain originality. In all that a dead animal possesses of originality.

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

13. “At this point, you can’t help but surprise me.”

This one is really interesting because it symbolizes a certain hope. We convey the idea that the idiot is capable of better, and that it would be good if he did.

Top 15 best euphemisms to say someone is dumb

14. “You couldn’t even get water out of a boot if the instructions were under the heel.”

Ok, this is clearly one of the best, hands down.

15. “A common mistake people make when trying to build something foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of perfectly dumb people.”

We end here with a quote from the great and late Douglas Adams, author of the incredible books “The Intergalactic Traveler’s Guide” which are the funniest books in the world.

Grand cru, formulas that you can adopt today and use in abundance to put in their place the idiots who make your life difficult. In order not to make bullshit, do not hesitate first to do the famous test “are you stupid?”, should not make you more ridiculous than you are.

Source: Reddit.

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