Top 15 best coming-of-age tweets

Coming of age isn’t something that happens miraculously at 18, far from it. Becoming an adult means being happy to buy kitchen utensils, come home early in the evening to have time to hang up the laundry and compare holiday rental sites in Étretat. It falls on you without warning and it feels a little weird.

2. And go to bed before midnight to get 8 hours of sleep

3. “You know you’re an adult when you’re super happy just because you’re going home.”

4. We never waste time

5. This face of Marianne worries everyone

6. “I’m 33 and an adult, hard to be an adult”

7. College Memories…

8. We have different fears today, like the breakdown of the SFR box

9. What a funny idea to propose such a thing

10. They are long at the same time these episodes

11. It’s always super frustrating

12. At the same time, it’s boring the laundry that doesn’t dry…

13. Always found it super unfair

14. Disappointments

15. While they could have a nice little tea

It’s not always fun to be an adult but it’s still much better than being in college and having to do your homework on Sunday afternoon.