Top 15 best anecdotes about cult movies by @Factsonfilm

1. GO Pole Job for James Bond

MI6 has said they would never have hired James Bond in real life because he lacks emotional intelligence, doesn’t follow the law, and clearly has shortcomings in professional collaboration.

2. The bonus

The Shawarma scene added in the Avengers in 2012 was filmed the day after the film’s international premiere.

3. This info caught my brain

In The Lord of the Rings, a giant ring was used to enhance the perspective effect.

4. Everything is explained

In Get out, Rose’s character prevents a cop from looking at Chris’s IDs. She does this so that the cop doesn’t remember Chris’s name in case he goes missing, not at all because she wants to keep him out of abusive and racist control.

5. And we can understand why

Police were called 37 times during the filming of Borat.

6. And finally, shouldn’t he have continued his game?

The first time Henry Cavill was contacted to play Superman, he missed the call because he was busy playing World of Warcraft.

7. Shocking OK

Angels with filthy souls is not a real movie, this fictional footage was shot especially for Mom I missed the plane.

8. Money that hurts

In Candyman (1993), Tony Todd negotiated an additional $ 1,000 each time he was stung by a bee. He got away with a surplus of $ 23,000.

9. And between us it shows

In this scene from Dazed and confused, Matthew McConaughey was really high.

10. The guy gets off

Chris Evans wore fake feet in some scenes of Captain america.

11. A great lesson in improvisation

In Elf, Buddy’s discovery of New York was not written in the screenplay, Jon Favreau just filmed Will Ferrell doing anything in the city.

12. Horror

A CIA specialist trained Jim Carrey to endure the torture of his Grinch makeup.

Indeed, we had told you about it in the movie costumes which were tortures.

13. It’s generous

Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his fee ($ 31.5 million) to The Matrix for a leukemia research foundation.

(I recall that the actor’s sister fought against this disease for 10 years before going into remission in 2001).

14. Grilled

Robert Pattinson secretly passed the casting for Batman without telling Christopher Nolan while he was on the set of Tenet. “I told her I had a family emergency. And as soon as I spoke about a family emergency, he said to me “you are auditioning for Batman, right?” “.

15. It would certainly have changed the face of the world

Kevin Costner asked Princess Diana to star in Bodyguard 2 and she accepted. She received the script the day before her accident.

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