Top 15 asshole words that we hear way too much in Paris

Cantor of coolness, Paris has its own vocabulary of too cool too dumb guy, a vocabulary which little by little spreads and gangrenes the language until phagocytizing it completely, until directing the conversations to be able to exist, parasitic vocabulary and expressions to gun down, it’s hell and “it’s hell” is one of them.

1. I green light

At the start, there is an unbearable expression: to give the green light. A vague impression of playing at Mille Bornes in an EHPAD. Then there are guys who play it cool and transform the expression by giving it an English tone. Then there is the massive absorption of tranquilizers to forget all that.

Top 15 asshole words that we hear way too much

2. Hallu’

And there the guy tells me that we have to redo the whole back! The hallu what!

I hope I’m hallucinating and we don’t really know each other.

3. Insup’

To say insup’ is insup’.

4. The back

“Were you able to submit the back in time? » « Were you able to advance on your back? »

The only dossier on which I want to move forward is that of your assas’.

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5. Leases

What are leases?

Parisian recovery of popular culture ten years behind schedule. Always first on the spot.

6. Sorry, no sorry

Ah well if you’re not sorry, just shut your mouth.

7. Uncomfortable

“And there the guy had sweaty palms! It was so bad! »

The word does not exist. I have nothing else to say.

8. I’m more

Collective suicide? I say more.


Phew thing, the guy was wearing cropped pants!

Madness has changed a lot over the past few years.

10. Meaningful

The most meaningless of all concepts.

1656936350 565 Top 15 asshole words that we hear way too much

11. What!?

Damn, but she’s going to piss me off for a long time, this bitch, what!? I’ll tear it up if it continues, what!

It leaves me speechless.

12. Too Smart

“Oh yeah, are you going to launch your own box of organic wine delivered to your home? That’s too smart of an idea! Well no, not really. Everything that is defined as “too smart” is generally seen and reviewed, or even totally useless.

13. Self

No but, no but in itself it’s not a problem if you want, but in itself I expect more from my friends, what, there, the guy has to give back, he doesn’t, that’s ‘hello! In itself if he doesn’t want to do it, no problem, but that’s insup’, I mean: what are the bails? If you find that the thing is not meaningful, you don’t do it, but you don’t do that, that’s uncomfortable.

14. Start Up Nation

By dint of talking about Start-Up Nation in a humorous way, we come to talk about Start-Up Nation at all, all day long. No posso proprio piu.

15. Brunch

On a star or on a pillow, in a cafe for eggs at 30 bucks, I want to eat two slices of ham for 200 euroooooos!

16. This is HELL

I plead guilty.

17. What anguish!

A bit like “What the hell”, what anguish means that any slightly disturbing situation gives you terrible anxiety. It’s exaggerated, it’s annoying, but I’ll never stop saying it.

18. I am dead

I’m dead, that means everything and nothing. You can use it when you’re laughing, when you’re shocked, when you’re tired and even when you’re drunk. At some point, you have to make a choice.

19. It’s off to production

I say it all the time but I understand why it’s unbearable. Saying “it’s going into production” or even “we’re going on it” to talk about your choice of restaurant for lunch, it’s weird.

20. Insecure

Saying “I don’t trust myself” is a bit long and not very aesthetic. To romanticize the thing and give it a cool side, we rather say that we are insecure. You’re so much shy what !

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