Top 15+ Airbnb Harry Potter to rent in France, for a stay at Hogwarts

We dreamed of it, they did it! Spending a stay in an apartment 100% dedicated to Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts is now possible. Here are the best Airbnbs and accommodations on the theme of the saga. Be careful not to get caught up in the game, by the end of your stay it could be that you take yourself for a real wizard and that you throw expeliarmus in the street in all directions. And if you are looking for accommodation to spend a romantic weekend in France, hop hop hop it’s here!

Spend one or more nights in a decorated room set in the Harry Potter and Hogwarts universe. To sleep in a real wizard’s room.

Price : from 70 at Airbnb

If you love the Harry Potter universe, you are going to be served. Brooms on the wall, vintage English furniture, magic cauldron, butter beer and so many other magical objects to discover.

Price : from 99 at Airbnb

If you want to stay in Lyon, why not choose a 100% Harry Potter room? Come and test your home under the Sorting Hat or try crossing lane 9 3/4. Be careful not to release the cognars, they could hurt you …

Price : from 160 at Airbnb

In the heart of Paris, discover this bright studio fully decorated Harry Potter. Broom on the wall, track 9 3/4 and flags of the houses of Hogwarts are on the program!

Price : from 110 at Airbnb

Discover the 9 ¾ suite in the Hauts de-France. In a bucolic garden, with the Weasleys’ car in the middle. In the bedroom, you will discover the dresses of the different houses, the nimbus 2000 and many other decorative objects to immerse you in the universe.

Price : from 150 at Airbnb

From the kitchen to the bedroom, discover this bed and breakfast inspired by the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Will you be able to find all the secrets that the cottage contains?

Price : from 90 at Airbnb

Come and spend a night in this room, under Snape’s supervision (that sounds good, doesn’t it?). Lots of details have been scattered around the apartment to remind you of the world of the famous wizard.

Price : from 120 at Airbnb

In any case, it is the castle that we have found that most closely resembles Hogwarts that we have been able to find in France, more precisely, in the Pays de La Loire. Admit that the atmosphere is there!

Price : from 700 at Airbnb

Find yourself in this Harry Potter room, with its 9 3/4 channel, do not try to run into it or risk injuring yourself. Although, you might just find yourself on the other side, who knows …

Who has never dreamed of taking a ride in the magicobus, driving at full speed in the streets of London? It’s almost the same, less London, more calm.

Price : from 100 at Airbnb

From floor to ceiling, hanging keys, flying broom and Phoenix, immerse yourself in this Harry Potter apartment.

Price : from 68 at Airbnb

Discover this studio full of surprises and witchcraft in the south of France.

Price : from 75 at Airbnb

Edwige reigns supreme in this apartment. Come and sit by the fireside in this magical universe inspired by Hogwarts castle and characters from the saga. All the elements are there to take you for a real wizard.

Price : from 183 at Booking

In this accommodation you will have the chance (or the horror) to sleep in Dolores Ombrage’s room or even if you feel like it, to sleep under the stairs, if you like. There’s also Sirius Black’s bedroom so no one is left out.

Price : from 150 at La Cachette Sous l’Esc


15. A “magical Harry Potter” studio …

This one is given to you as a bonus, because the owner must have said to himself “if I put a Hogwarts sign, approximate (3 3/4), it will be Harry Potter”

16. A night in the Howling Cabin in the USA

Unfortunately this jewelry is in the United States and therefore cannot be an integral part of this top, but it is so original that we are showing you this little wonder anyway.

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