Top 15 actors who refuse to shoot together (those who love each other bof)

“Life is not a movie, ok ??? “A null sentence, without head or tail, that we have all heard before, without paying too much attention to it. WE KNOW THAT LIFE IS NOT A FILM, THANK YOU. On the other hand, it is more difficult to accept that our film heroes hardly appreciate each other outside the screens. WORST, some on-screen friendships aren’t real in “real life”! I swear, there are plenty of actors who really can’t (or no longer) see themselves in paint… I hope you’re hooked emotionally, some of these revelations could hurt you a lot.

1. Dwayne Johnson & Vin Diesel

However, we used to see them share the screen in the “Fast and Furious” Saga… Well, until the 8th film. In “The Fate of the Furious”, the two actors have no more scenes together, except for a passage where they communicate by telephone. The reason ? They just can’t beat each other anymore. A week before the end of filming, Dwayne posted a photo with a caption not stung beetles. Basically, without giving a specific name, he denounces the behavior of his playmates. Since then, The Rock has even left the saga.

2. Julianna Margulies & Archie Panjabi

In “The Good Wife”, the two young women respectively play the roles of Alicia Florrick and Kalinda Sharma. Friends from the pilot episode of the series, it is quite different in (real) life. The two actresses support each other so little that they hardly appear together on screen. Eventually, Archie Panjabi was permanently dropped from the show. Even their last “together” scene was shot in split screen, so they didn’t have to work in the same room. When it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t stick.

3. Richard Gere & Sylvester Stallone

Ahhhh, finally a story related to food! On the set of “Lords of Flatbush”, Richard Gere decides to eat half a chicken with mustard. Stallone warns him, “Your stuff is going to drip, if I get any on it, it’s not going to do it.” » The leases are in place. No luck, he crunches, and a small spray of greasy mustard crashes on Sylvester’s pants. Oops. Serious mistake. The actor of Rambo then reacts in a more than reasoned way: he nudges him in the head and practically pushes him out of the car. The point of no return has been reached: the director must make a choice, it’s one or the other. Gere is therefore replaced by Perry King.

We can say that it flew in the feathers, and that Richard lost his cockfight, because of a piece of chicken. We imagine that the mustard went to his nose when he lost his role, but that he must have had a hell of a goosebumps at the reaction of his comrade. What is certain is that the day the two actors find themselves together on the screen, the hens will have teeth. Even cavities. Come on, I’ll stop there, it’s as painful for me as it is for you.

4. Julia Robert & Nick Nolte

In “I love Trouble”, the two actors are supposed to have fallen completely in love. Problem: they can’t eat each other. Truly not. Complicated to play intense love scenes. By dint of taking the lead in filming, they ended up shooting separately and using stunt doubles for their scenes together. When you are told that TV is not real life!

5. Will Smith & Janet Hubert

The real ones sanded “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The real ones have even noticed that from the third season, Aunt Viv is no longer played by Janet Hubert but by Daphne Maxwell Reid! The reason ? The actress can’t stand Will. According to him, she was just jealous, and would have liked the show to revolve only around her character. We are pragmatic, so we believe W. Smith. Yes yes, just because he is too sexy sdflfdklkjrtier. Objectivity, when you hold us.

6. Alyssa Milano & Shannen Doherty

The two actresses are part of the main cast of Charmed, but you know that Prue, played by Doherty (WARNING, SPOILER!), dies at the end of season 3. You may have cried a lot, and I hope I don’t break your heart again by admitting that this tragedy might never have happened if the two actresses hadn’t hated each other so much. And it’s not for lack of trying to mend them! The studio even played the mediator card to fix things, to no avail. Shannen therefore had to abandon the series. RIP, Prue.

7. Naya Rivera & Lea Michele

On screen, the two stars are friends. At the beginning, they are also in life. They fell out for a stupid story, but the situation never stopped escalating from there, to the point where they had to stop filming together, then Naya was thrown out of the series. .

In fact, writing this point breaks my heart. In 2020, Naya Rivera tragically died, in Lake Piru, at just 33 years old. Despite their past conflicts, Lea Michele paid tribute to the late actress on Instagram. It’s too sad, really.

8. Emma Watson & Channing Tatum

The two actors had a small role in the comedy “This Is the End”, in 2013. This is really the end of their work together, the British beauty having been shocked by the behavior of Tatum. We are talking about the “Speedo incident”. Long story short, the actor emerged from his locker room wearing a simple orange thong and started dancing in front of Watson. Immediately, she fled the set. Following the incident, many media mocked her, calling her a “prude” or “uptight”. Euuuuuh… We understand you Emma. You are the best anyway. We love you.

9. Lena Headey & Jerome Flynn

Aka Cersei Lannister and Bronn, in GOT. You’ve probably noticed that these two rarely play in the same scene. However, they were a couple in the early 2000s… Something tells us that it didn’t end super super well, right?

10. George Clooney & Russel Crowe

The dispute dates back to the turn of the century. Crowe would have accused Clooney of being a “sellout”, in particular for having been the face of a famous brand of coffee. The one that starts with “N” and ends with “sso”… But siiiii, “What Else? “… Roh, bah Nespresso, what! A few years later, Russel allegedly sent his rival a disc of his music and a collection of poems, assuring him that his remarks had been “misquoted”. YEAH. Sometimes a pardon is better than a mytho, Ruru. Perhaps since then, water has flowed under the bridges. That said, we’ve never seen the two Hollywood greats share the screen.

11. Wesley Snipes & Ryan Reynolds

It all begins (or ends, suddenly) on the set of Blade: Trinity. Once all the scenes of the film were in the box, it was Reynolds who said he never wanted to work with Snipe again. According to the production team, this is justified by the laziness of the actor. In short, Snipe, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass of your work group that doesn’t mess around while you’re doing all the work. You go to the end of the project, but NEVER AGAIN do you take it up in your exposed team. Well, it’s the same. Reynolds rehearsed more with the voice actor than with the artist himself. Tiresome.

12. Jim Carrey & Tommy Lee Jones

Well, if we swear by the adage “birds of a feather flock together”, we quickly understand why things don’t fit between these two completely different personalities. To believe that opposites do not always attract masses. The two actors play together in “Batman Forever”. One day, in the middle of a restaurant, Tommy says to Jim, “I hate you, I really don’t like you, I don’t tolerate buffoons like you”. Ah OK. It’s free. It’s fun. At least we can say that the blaster blasted him well… It goes without saying that after this episode, they never shared the screen again.

13. James Franco & Tyrese Gibson

In Annapolis, shot in 2006, there are boxing scenes. Problem: Franco gives himself a little too thoroughly, and forgets that in “playing a role”, there is “playing”… So, well… he hits Gibson. Strong. Too strong. A behavior that slightly annoys those who receive dirty potatoes in the face. Result: Gibson no longer wants to tour with Franco. At the same time, if he gives himself so much every time, we wouldn’t like to play the role of the victim, in a film where Franco would be a killer… If you see where I’m coming from.

14. Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard

Iron man and his bff, in the first installment of the Marvel movie. A friendship that lasted only a short time, since the one who plays Rhodey on the screen will quickly be replaced by Don Cheadle. We don’t have all the details, but it seems Robert had something to do with it. At least indirectly. Basically, Terrence had been hired for the three films, but from the second, the production announces to him that his salary will be drastically reduced to… increase that of Mr. Stark! Balls. Inevitably, the actor preferred to get out of it than to accept such a deal. Must say that he had not much to gain, anyway. In any case, the story stuck in his throat, so it is unlikely that he will ever agree to share the screen with Downey Jr.

15. Kevin Smith & Bruce Willis

However, everything had started so well… In “Live Free or Die Hard”, the first collaboration between the two men is going wonderfully! So much so that Willis wants to work with Smith again on a new project: Cop Out. This is where it goes wrong. On set, Kevin Smith calls the director-writer-actor “the most miserable, bitter, meanest emo-bitch I’ve ever met in any job I’ve had. » OUTCH. It comes from the heart. He also said he didn’t even want to pose on the poster. We don’t know what happened, but we’re willing to bet that such remarks have definitively put an end to any collaboration!

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