Top 15 actors who completely screwed up an audition

“Why do we fall Master Bruce?” To learn to get up. It is with these words that the brave Alfred addressed the young Bruce Wayne in the excellent “Batman Begins”. If we can reproach the old man for letting himself be trained by a 10-year-old bastard by calling him “master” or for giving his opinion when there is still dust to be done in the living room, we cannot take away the accuracy of these words. Everyone fails, even the greatest personalities in the world. On top of that, the most famous actresses and actors have also missed a few auditions and frankly it’s good to see that it’s not just us who fail miserably in everything we do.

1. Tom Holland in the latest “Star Wars” trilogy

Tom Holland is a very good actor who also seems extremely likeable. When he had auditioned for the role of Finn in the last trilogy, a person gave him the counterpart by playing a droid, which caused immense giggles in the young actor. And at the same time, trying to bring intensity to your lines and keep your seriousness when someone responds to each of your interventions with “blip bloup blop” is still super complicated. And when we see the result of the trilogy it’s not a bad thing that he missed the role.

2. George Clooney in “Dracula”

Good George wanted a role in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, there’s no doubt about it. The only indication he seemed to have was that his character was drinking, so naturally Clooney got himself a huge crate before he got to the audition drunk. The director did not understand the trick so much that he called the agent of the actor to tell him that he was shocked that the latter came to present himself for a role in this state and that it did not look very professional. . And on the contrary, it’s probably one of the only times in history that showing up at a job interview was justified and proved your motivation, too bad.

3. Nicholas Hoult for “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”

When poor Nicholas showed up for his audition for the role of the prince he was asked if he could play with a Hispanic accent in the style of Shrek’s cat (voiced by Antonio Banderas in the original version). By his own admission, the actor gave an atrocious performance, a sort of totally failed imitation with a “Desperado-esque voice”. He obviously didn’t get the part, which is a shame all the same because people who do accents that they don’t know how to do are super funny.

4. Chris Evans for “Gone Baby Gone”

It happens to all of us to be really stressed before an interview, and this is also the case with the actor of Captain America. He was clearly on edge when he arrived at his audition and when Ben Affleck, who was directing the film, arrived, he started talking in silence:

Chris Evans: Hey, I have no problem where I parked?

Ben Affleck: Where did you park?

Chris Evans: In front of the parking meter.

Ben Affleck: And you paid for parking?

Chris Evans: Yeah.

Ben Affleck: Ok, I think it will be fine then.

Can you imagine the discomfort? Honestly, do you play this scene in your head when you’re stressed, it works well to tell yourself that it couldn’t be worse. Obviously, he didn’t get the part in case you were wondering.

Top 15 actors who completely screwed up an audition
Photo credits (Public Domain): Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington DC, United States

5. Bradley Cooper for “Green Lantern”

Before Ryan Reynolds landed the role, Bradley Cooper had a screwed-up audition to play Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan. The problem is that the latter used a Batman-like voice for his audition, even if the director sympathetically repeated to him “no, but you can speak normally”. Even he doesn’t really understand what went through his head at that moment, calling his performance worthy of a “bad sketch”. Maybe he just wanted the role of Batman actually. Another actor who goes too far to prepare a role.

6. Robert Pattinson for “Transformers 2”

Have you ever lied during an interview? It’s not good. Now have you ever lied without knowing that the person receiving you clearly knew that you were lying? Well it happened to Robert Pattinson and it’s completely stupid. Basically he convinced himself that the casting directors wouldn’t take him if he wasn’t American, so he started saying he was from Denver, Colorado when everyone in the room knew that he was English. What clearly pass for an idiot and miss the casting. Exactly what basically happened.

7. Eddie Redmayne for Kylo Ren in “Star Wars”

Eddie really wanted to be in the Star Wars movies. The problem is that at this stage, in order to keep the project as secret as possible, the actors were not told what role they were auditioning for, so they asked him to do a scene from “Pride and Prejudice” and told him that he had to play the bad guy. Eddie therefore gave his all by reciting a classic text by imitating Darth Vader. You can imagine that it didn’t give anything really conclusive, because it seems like a completely stupid idea, at least until a big name in the theater does it, then everyone will say that it’s brilliant . The role passed under his nose, of course.

Top 15 actors who completely screwed up an audition
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

8. Eddie Redmayne for Bilbo in “The Hobbit”

Eddie Redmayne likes to ridicule himself with crappy imitations since he had also auditioned for the role of Bilbo in the Hobbit trilogy. Except that, sure of himself, he had spent his audition impersonating Ian Holm (the actor of the Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy) before the casting director cut him off to tell him to use his own voice. Like what, the poor man maybe just wanted to be an imitator and he missed his calling. It was finally Martin Freeman who landed the role in extremis since the latter is one of the actors who almost did not have a role for strange reasons.

9. Tom Hiddleston for “Thor”

So you’re going to tell me “but he plays in Thor, you old man [insérez une insulte] !! ” And you’re right. The thing is that Tom didn’t initially want the role of Loki, but that of Thor. All his hopes were pinned on director Kenneth Branagh whom he already knew from having directed him in the theater, but the thing is, the studio had a different idea of ​​the character. Blond and mega-muscled type for example. Suddenly Hiddleston recovered the role of the mischievous god who is still one of the best characters so that’s fine.

10. Scarlet Johanson for “Les Miserables”

As she said in an interview, Scarlett really dreamed of playing the role of Fantine in Les Miserables. The problem is that during her casting she had laryngitis and could not give the top of her top Mariah Carrey vibes and it was finally Anne Hathaway who got the role. Personally, it reminds me above all of all those future Zidane who crossed paths at 16 when they were going to revolutionize football.

11. Jake Gyllenhaal for “The Lord of the Rings”

When the young Jake Gyllenhaal had passed the tests for “the lord of the rings”, he was still at the beginning of his career. Arrived in front of Peter Jackson, he had hardly started his interpretation that Peter Jackson had cut him off directly, telling him that he was the worst actor he had seen since he did not know how to do accents. The problem is that Jake was completely unaware that he had to take an accent for the role, Jackson would then have replied “fire your agents” since no one had seen fit to warn him. Good atmosphere for the castings say.

12. Kathryn Hahn in “A Serious Man”

Before playing Agatha in “Wandavision”, Kathryn Hahn had auditioned for a role in the film “A serious man” by the famous Coen brothers. And she wanted this fucking role, so she came with a lot of accessories that she had brought from home. The room was too small, she had stuffed props everywhere when there was no need for them, it was embarrassing, there were silences, people vomited, there was a death (nope there I add some). In short, she didn’t get the role, poor thing, but hey, she admits that it was clumsy and that sometimes you shouldn’t do too much.

13. Charlie Cox for “Solo: A Star Wars Movie”

Famous for his role as Matt Murdock in the “Daredevil” series, Charlie Cox had gone to audition for a role kept secret in the film on Han Solo. He started doing his essay until the casting director interrupted him to ask him “but why don’t you look at me?” “. The answer is that Charlie Cox had been playing a blind character for two years and was so used to not looking people in the eye while performing that he didn’t even blunder. He passed the audition playing a basically blind man. He didn’t get the part if you were wondering.

14. Dave Franco for an undefined role

The young actor and brother of James Franco had passed a casting where he was a bit of a boost. Basically the casting director had asked him to “slate”, which in the jargon means: look at the camera and say his name. The problem is that Dave didn’t know this term, so he decided to find a meaning for it on his own: he made himself comfortable and pretended to be asleep, thinking that “slate” was probably a derivative of “sleep” and meant to take a nap. Everyone looked at each other saying he was completely stupid and obviously he didn’t get the role he was auditioning for. It’s really the same idea as when we say during an interview that we know the technical terms of the position when no, rookie mistake, we just pass for a teubé.

15. Dakota Johnson for an undefined role

During an unnamed casting, the “50 Shades of Gray” actress got a little carried away by the scene. Basically, all of a sudden she had taken off her top and found herself in a bra in front of the team when nothing really justified this gesture and no one had asked for it. After the performance the team told her it was cool but she was obviously super embarrassed picking up her top to put it on. A good big lonely moment that does it says a funny anecdote, it’s like taking your pants off during a job interview while describing why you’d be the perfect candidate.

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