Top 14 worst building restorations in history, but WHY?

As we have already seen, restorations of failed works are commonplace. Taking over the work of another to restore it to its former splendor is a real job, and many people break their teeth over it. It also concerns buildings that are victims of flawed restorations, due to lack of taste or talent (and sometimes both) of the restorer. If you want to see real attacks on architecture, this is where it happens.

1. The Château de Rentilly which took a trip to the future

Originally, we had a pretty little 16th century castle which belonged to Jean de Ligny, secretary to King Henri IV. Nothing too extravagant, the building was quite nice. Then, in 2011, we launched a call for projects to restore the place in an atypical way. The winning project, which consisted of covering the castle with mirrors, was estimated at more than 4 million euros. In addition to being absolutely disgusting, the result would also be very bad for the local birds, totally disoriented by all these reflections. The guys totally cracked up.


2. A church in Russia turned orange

We feel that the architect in charge of the thing said to himself: “Well come on, I don’t give a damn, I still have 4 projects waiting for me this week. » And that’s how a not-at-all-ugly little church became as pretty as a freeway pool store.

3. A post office in Belgrade

If you find your local post office gross, don’t complain too much. Tell yourself that some have had less luck than you: theirs had been magnificent before being stained by an architect with no taste.

4. A building in the center of Barcelona

When you have to replace a building that has disappeared, you have the choice between redoing it identically, or building a hideous tower capable of removing the smile forever from the most innocent of children. Here, the architects chose the second solution. (Click on the third photo to see this disgusting building.)

5. Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá Cathedral in Sonsón (Colombia)

Well, it wasn’t jojo before, but at least it didn’t look like a temple of an intergalactic sect whose not-so-secret goal is to dominate the world by turning the population into four-cheese pizzas.

Top 14 worst building restorations in history, but why?

6. A large bank in Helsingborg (Sweden)

That’s a great before / after that hurts a lot. We ask you to respect a minute of silence on behalf of all the architects of the world (except those who realized this horror).

7. In Oslo in Norway, we also get started

So yes, the first photo is in black and white, but no, the original building was not yellow like that. In any case, if the guys wanted to give an air of prison for chicks to their new building, it is successful.

8. A pretty barn in Quebec

Stone like that would have made any guy dream who decided to renovate a building to move into On your sidebut the one who took charge of the project had other ideas: to make apartments to earn lots of money.

9. A church in Montreal

The abandoned building has been slightly modified to accommodate a hospital center. Honestly, it’s not the ugliest job of this top, but we know a few churchmen who must have cringed when they saw the result.

10. Chamberlain Square in Birmingham (England)

“You know, we really like concrete, we think it’s very warm and has a lot of charm, but after all, everyone has their own point of view. »

11. A building in Genoa (Italy)

Oh that’s ok, if we can no longer replace beautiful buildings with things that vaguely resemble a 6-storey billionaire yacht, what are we going to do instead?

12. Villapadierna Palace in Madrid

Now it’s a school, but we’re not sure anyone would want to study in a building that…so…so orange. And also sad. We are not necessarily always followers of “it was better before”, but there’s no comparison. Well, if there’s a picture, look.

13. We are in Ipswich, England

And hop, goodbye the little house, and hello the entrance to the parking lot. Do you also like plain gray facades?

14. And finally a nice early 19th century building in Oslo

The record for the most ugly windows on a building was broken in Oslo. The author of this exploit reportedly said: “I am very happy, and now I will turn to my next goal: to transform the Eiffel Tower into a giant toaster”. What a man !

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