Top 14 Tips to Get Rich Quickly and Easily

You can say what you want, being rich and having rich stuff is pretty cool. The problem is that there is little chance of being rich without a rich family or an interstellar stroke of luck. Fortunately, thanks to our most hair-raising tips, you will find below the most extreme solutions to be a real rich person but quickly because we don’t have to give a fuck.

1. Ask a billion people for one euro

And imagine that it has almost already been done with The million dollar homepage. A college student looking to fund his education built a website where brands could buy a pixel for a dollar. Well it took very well and student Alex Tew raised $1,037,100. So you see it’s damn possible.

Negative point : you have to talk to a lot of people. If we imagine 1 minute of interaction per person to convince him to give you 1 euro, that’s 1900 years of work. Good if not review your objectives with only 150 people. Actually get married. And ask the guests for tunes, it will be easier.

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2. Buy Lidl clothes and sell them 50x more on Vinted

Others have done it before you. Why deprive yourself?

Negative point : you have to succeed in selling an item on Vinted.

Top 14 Tips to Get Rich Quickly and Easily

3. Take lots of expensive books from the library, file a complaint for bag theft (bag that would contain all the books)

In any case it works for me at my college library but to check for others. The easiest way is for you to do it and tell me afterwards.

Negative point : it’s morally dubious compared to the free service that public libraries offer but if you have no morals (like the majority of get-rich-quick people) go for it.

4. Invent a new highly addictive drug

In Breaking Bad it looks super simple. At worst you’re selling something that looks like an already known drug like flour cut with dried bleach. On the other hand, remember to leave quickly after having made a fortune and to change your identity.

Negative point : you can die dissolved in a barrel of acid by a cartel or just in prison.

5. Stealing Jeff Bezos’ IDs

Too easy to scam this guy you can use his credit card as much as you want I think he doesn’t even realize it.

Negative point : you have to enter the close circle of Jeff Bezos. Not easy. Jeff if you do the listen to the me I could be very much friends with you.

6. Create an ultra-productive Onlyfans with photos of a made-up chick

Like that, of course you make money but you don’t involve your physique (nobody wants it anyway) nor that of an innocent person who didn’t ask for anything. Before the law, it passes cream.

Negative point : you have to be able to create a fictional avatar. If your graphic mastery is limited to Paint, it will be tense.

7. Photocopy lots of 100 euro bills

Color photocopies please. Don’t do your rats.

Negative point : only works on slightly stubbed people like children. But for your niece’s next birthday, you can still save a lot of money.

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8. Reply to this Nigerian prince who has been writing to you for 3 weeks and asking for money to help him save his daughter

Everyone sends him to piss off but if it is this guy really has a treasure to refourguer and as you are the only person to have listened to him, here you are his heir.

Negative point : you have to take the risk of losing a lot of money upstream.

9. Create several small pots to support your solidarity and eco-responsible project

People want dreams. With online pots you can show them that you are a beautiful person by inventing a project from scratch in which you explain that you are developing a non-polluting energy to replace oil and thus harvest the big moula and then say that your project did not finally see the light of day yes yes too sad but thank you for the sub-sub.

Negative point : you will be banished from the community of souled humans.

10. Get into reality TV

Forget it, it’s useless to want to become a star today, reality TV is only true.

Negative point : you have to hang out with super stupid people and go live in Dubai. And redo your ass too. No choice.

11. Create lots of new bank accounts to make money

You know, most banks offer 80 bucks when opening a new account with them. So motivate yourself and do the trick on lots of small accounts and you will grab a few tens of euros with each shot. It is legal. It’s easy. And who would dare to complain that money is taken from the banks?

Negative point : will surely have to pay monthly service fees that are at least equivalent to the tune offered in the first place. Are not dumb either.

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12. Buy rotten land and build tiny houses

They are so fashionable, after all why not take advantage of them?

Negative point : you have to know how to tinker with something other than goofball.

13. Sell several of your vital organs

Honestly, if we have two lungs is it good that we can give one? And then a heart is it really necessary in the bottom of the bottom? And this liver that grows back on its own, why bother keeping it whole?

Negative point : you will have little time to enjoy your wealth. Oh yes and that means you have to have not disgusting vital organs so forget the cigarette, the alcohol and the butter.

14. Take a screenshot of your bank account and add several zeros

Simple. Efficient.

Negative point : it is a short-lived illusion.

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