Top 14 things you really should learn in school

We learn a lot of things at school like how much is 6×7 or how to avoid making the worst spelling mistakes. On the other hand, there is a lot of super important stuff that nobody teaches us and we find ourselves like idiots when we are adults because we never know how to measure the rice or change a wheel. So, we asked you on Facebook what you think we should learn in school and we got lots of interesting answers.

1. Sign language

There are two figures to remember: at the age of 3, 3 out of 1000 children are diagnosed as deaf and approximately 75% of deaf children are educated in ordinary classes. So there are a lot of children who spend whole days communicating very little with others, even more since the masks prevent them from reading lips. Learning the basics of French sign language at school would therefore be an excellent idea.

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2. Understanding the website

Why are it always the most important sites that are super badly done? It’s complicated, it doesn’t work well and overall, we don’t understand anything.

Top 14 things you really should learn in school

3. An introduction to first aid

It seems obvious and yet it only exists in very few schools: everyone should know the gestures of first aid. And given the price of the sessions, it would seem normal to do it for free in colleges.

4. A sex education program that includes consent

Because it’s very good to see how the human body works and how babies are made, but before that, perhaps you have to ensure the consent of all parties. It should be obvious but apparently it isn’t.

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5. Know how to recognize scams

Scams are a bit like spelling rules: you have to make the mistake at least once to know how to avoid them. And frankly, it’s a bit silly. We should teach everyone never to call the number of that plumber whose ad you found in your mailbox, but no, we all get fooled one day or another.

6. Value manual activities

Why would the Pythagorean theorem be more important than learning how to fix a water leak? In college, we assume that people who want to do a manual job will find their way naturally. But in real life, how can you know that you like to make bread or pottery if you have never tried it?

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7. Nutrition Basics

Not all children are lucky enough to live in a family that teaches them how to cook. So inevitably, we say that young people eat badly because they don’t know how to cook (even though kebabs are very balanced). If you want to learn to cook, know that it’s never too late, we believe in you.

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8. The offside rule

Some think it’s a detail, I think it’s extremely important. At least to pretend to know about it during the World Cup.

9. Fashion faux pas

How do we know which colors go together if no one wants to tell us? I don’t know what to do, you have to help me. Are jeans and jeans still forbidden?

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10. Prepare quality cocktails

From adolescence, it is important to know how to make good mixtures of alcohol. Inevitably, we are much more classy if we know how to make real cocktails, so this is a course that we should add to the CE2 program.

11. Take care of a plant without it dying after three days

For the best students who already know how to take care of an indoor plant, you can start gardening with a nice little tomato plan.

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12. In which compartment of the washing machine to put the detergent

WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED? Can’t they write it in instead of making abstract lines and symbols? We’re at the end of it.

13. Know how to open a slammed door with a radio

To save hundreds of locksmith dollars, everyone should be able to open a slammed door with a radio or a cut-up soda bottle. The problem is that the risk of burglary would increase quite a bit.

Top 14 things you really should learn in school

14. Playing an instrument other than the flute sucks

Yes I know, middle schoolers don’t play the flute in music class anymore. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them each a bass or a drum set.