Top 14 things you probably didn’t know about Deadpool, the best superhero

Today is a big day for me (and for you too, maybe you’re getting married, it’s your birthday or you just met Christian Clavier in the street, in which case I invite you to say in the comments how he is in real life) since I have the opportunity to tell you about a particularly fascinating character who is none other than Deadpool. The so-called “merc with a mouth” (mercenary who talks a lot) is a fascinating character from the world of comics, an exception to the standards who has been brilliantly adapted to the screen, not without many changes all the same (including we will obviously talk). So let’s not waste time, there’s work to be done.

1. The project of making a film goes back a long way

If you saw the 2009 film “Wolverine”, then you witnessed the first “attempt to adapt” (let’s call it that) the famous character in the cinema. If the image result is worth that of a 3D colonoscopy, it still had the merit of giving Ryan Reynolds the opportunity to take on the role of the character after already five years of trying to make a film. Indeed, it was in 2004 that Reynolds began working with David Goyer to adapt the character to the screen. If we can say that the debut of Deadpool in the cinema was clearly eventful (the fans yelled rightly when they saw the atrocious result), his arrival in the world of comics was just as much.

Top 14 things you probably didn't know about deadpool, the best superhero

2. Originally Deadpool was (almost) plagiarism

It was in the 90s that Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created the character of Deadpool to appear in a number of “new mutants”. The character is then supposed to be a new super villain: a super violent assassin (hitman) armed with two katanas and guns decked out in a red and black jumpsuit. Liefeld draws a first draft of his new character and shows it to his colleague who directly retorts “it’s a copy of Deathstroke”.

Deathstroke is a villain from the competing DC comic house who is also a violent assassin armed with a saber and guns and has a rather similar yellow and blue jumpsuit. Quite logically the two authors tell themselves that they will probably risk a lawsuit if they release the character as is, but rather than changing everything they completely assume their choice: Deathstroke’s identity is “Slade Wilson”, they will call Deadpool “Wade Wilson” in homage and make him an equally formidable villain but with a hell of a big mouth.

3. Ryan Reynolds was very (very) motivated to make the movie for a really funny reason

As we said above, almost 12 years passed between the moment the actor wanted to put on the costume (2004) and the release of the first part (2016). We can believe that Reynolds was a fan of the comics (which is true) and that he shared with the mercenary his Canadian origins (Wade Wilson is Canadian like the actor) but the real reason why Ryan Reynolds wanted to make the film is that is directly quoted in the comics. Indeed, when Deadpool is asked what he looks like in one of the numbers, he replies “a mix between actor Ryan Reynolds and a Sharpei”. A bullshit joke, but one that got Reynolds onto the scene.

4. The film was probably validated thanks to a leak

When Deadpool hits the comics, a fanbase grows very quickly around the singular character, and it takes barely two years for the villain to get his own series starring him. In the cinema, it was not just his crappy appearance in Wolverine that created his new fanbase, but a scene from the first film that had leaked long before its release.

This fully shot scene was a test to convince studios to make a movie about the character. But rather than convincing the producers, it was the character’s fans who were simply won over when the video leaked: dialogues, fights and muddy jokes; Deadpool was working in the picture and the video went viral, confirming to the studio that a movie was a good idea and that Reynolds was perfect in the role.

5. The first movie was risky for the studio

When the first Deadpool movie went into production, it was a risky bet: it was the studio’s first “Rated R” superhero movie: which required viewers under the age of 17 to be accompanied by an adult with United States. Understand by this that the number of admissions to the cinema is therefore supposed to be less important than other films of the genre since many young spectators will not be able to see it.

It is for this reason that the studio had always remained cautious about the idea of ​​​​putting him in an image, Deadpool being a character with humor for teenagers / adults and smoothing him would have been badly seen by the fans. Finally the production is launched and the budget for a film of this kind is quite low since it is 58 million dollars. A few months later at the box office the film becomes a monumental success and totals a monstrous capital of 783 million dollars.

6. Deadpool doesn’t have the gadgets of the comics

If we can quite easily agree on the fact that the essence of the character is more than respected in the film, certain aspects and equipment of the character are missing on screen. In terms of gadgets, during his debut in the comics Deadpool has a teleporter as well as a sophisticated hologram system that allows him to take on the appearance of anyone (which gives a memorable number where he pretends to be for Peter Parker). Over time, these two gadgets have been abandoned by the authors (which Deadpool himself does not fail to point out) and therefore do not find their place in the films.

7. Character’s personality(ies) changed for the movie

It was on the “mental” aspect of Deadpool that the film was forced to make a major change. In the comics, Wade Wilson has developed several “fragments” of personality, many dialogues take place between him and himself through dialogue bubbles with different colors and inking to understand which of these fragments is expressed. This singularity would probably have been too complex to stage on the screen and it is understandable, so we decided to abandon these secondary voices of the character but the whole thing remains very funny as these best lines of Deadpool prove it.

8. The character of Cable is not just a secondary character in the comics

The character of Cable is extremely important in the Deadpool universe since the two characters shared many issues of a comic book series simply titled “Cable and Deadpool”. The fact that the second film makes the character appear with a major role is therefore logical if we follow the order of publication of the comics. The disconnect between Cable’s seriousness and Deadpool’s perpetual bullshit works very well on screen, just as it worked wonderfully in the comics.

9. Deadpool 3 should mark the hero’s entry into the MCU

One of the main things fans are looking forward to is the mercenary’s debut in the MCU. What can be scary is the possibility that the character will be “smoothed” to stick to the less “violent and adult” tone of films that are generally aimed at a younger audience (not Rated R). We can therefore hope that this will happen both in the cinema and in the comics where Deadpool fits perfectly into the numbers of other superheroes by exasperating almost everyone. Still enough to discover many reasons to think that Deadpool dislocates all the other superheroes.

Top 14 things you probably didn't know about deadpool, the best superhero

10. It’s thanks to Deadpool that we got the movie Logan

It was after the monumental success of the first Deadpool movie that the studio was confident to make another ‘Rated R’ superhero movie about a much more bankable character who is none other than Wolverine and that resulted in the excellent Logan movie. Dark, adult, violent, and truly unlike anything we’ve seen before, it probably wouldn’t have been possible without Deadpool’s help. Recently we had another joke between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman when the latter had a police officer ask Reynolds to give him a role in Deadpool 3. Kids.

11. Deadpool is a fan of Captain America and Spiderman

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Deadpool infuriates every superhero he has to work with. Whether it’s the X-Men who see him as a psychopath or Spiderman who can’t stand his jokes, the mercenary is a weight that all of Marvel has to bear. Wade Wilson has also been a huge Captain America fan since he was a child and is always extremely awkward when he comes across him. Enough to give quite funny situations in the next films.

Top 14 things you probably didn't know about deadpool, the best superhero
Picture credits: Marvel

12. Deadpool and Spiderman have a child together

It’s not necessarily how you imagine it, but basically the villain called “Patient Zero” created a woman from the DNA of Peter Parker and Wade Wilson. The result of the operation is the character of Itsy Bitsy, a villain with deadly spider powers and a beefy humor like that of her second father. If he is not an ideal father, Deadpool would make an ideal son-in-law and that is undeniable.

13. Deadpool Has Already Killed Most Marvel Characters (And More)

In the excellent series of comics “Deadpool kills the Marvel universe” the mercenary destroys almost all your favorite heroes before moving on to great literary works in “Deadpool killustrated”. He then fights against Sherlock Holmes who tries to prevent him from killing all the heroes of literature. Then Deadpool no longer having many people to kill, he decides to travel the Marvel multiverse to kill himself in all his versions in “Deadpool kills deadpool”. There you have it, some nice reading tracks if you want to discover the character since it is not very credible that these narrative arcs will be adapted in the MCU one day.

14. Deadpool’s greatest power for writers is “comics awareness.”

You’ve probably noticed in the movies, Deadpool often breaks the 4th wall to address the viewer and even criticizes the film’s production over budget. In the comics, Deadpool is fully aware that he is in a comic, so when a sidekick asks “where are we?” the character often responds something like “page 12 box number 3”. But in addition to being a way to make jokes aimed at the reader, it brings a completely mind-blowing power to Deadpool: he is potentially aware of everything that happens in the other comics and therefore knows things that only readers know. The only Marvel character to take Deadpool seriously on this point is obviously Loki.

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