Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today

The times are changing. It was Mc Solaar who said so when he was cool. Yes we are getting old my little friends and by dint of seeing the passage of time, we are forced to see that there is a lot of stuff that seemed too expensive, too ridiculous, and generally too bad before and banging thongs today (the advantage with the expression “banging thongs” is that it doesn’t exist and that we therefore have no reason to find it old-fashioned one day, so this top will be able to enroll in posterity).

1. Banana

Even Renaud says “always the banana”. Well yeah, a banana is too practical. You can put anything you want in it, even a K-way. If someone had told me in 2005 that we would carry over bananas to 2020/2021, I would have laughed. Quite simply.

2. Christmas sweaters

In Bridget Jones (2001), Colin Firth wears an ugly Christmas sweater, a way of letting the viewer know that it’s a big boon to his mum. I saw an interview recently with a leader of an overly hipster band who wore a Christmas sweater. The earth is round, children.

Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today

3. Rotten ringtones

Toutoulouloulou loulouloulou… We couldn’t get enough of these unbearable two-bit ringtones. We just couldn’t take it anymore. Today we miss her. Nostalgia for childhood and little bilibibips.

4. Minitel

Endless object of ridicule with the advent of the Internet, the Minitel became cool again from the moment it had definitively lost the battle. Having a Minitel that doesn’t work at home is simply hype. The proof there is even a series that has just come out on the advent of this genius tool: 3615 Monique.

5. Big glasses

In 2001, a person who wore huge zebra-rimmed glasses was either a German, or Michel Fourniret, or an old man.

In 2021, anyone who doesn’t wear huge zebra-rimmed glasses sucks.

Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today
Picture credits: Topito

6. Dating sites

In the 2000s, the very idea of ​​registering on Meetic or was an admission of social failure and the door open to all possible mockery. Since the explosion of the market and its normalization with Tinder, the first instinct when people break up is to ask “Why don’t you join Tinder? “If you say” because it pisses me off “, you pass for a coinços.

7. Body hair for guys

At the last fires of the Boys Band, the face was clean-shaven and the bodies depilated. Now, 100% of 20-30 year olds have beards and having hair on the shoulders is no longer a reason for social exclusion.

8. Have a cat

2001: “Do you have a cat? You are a sad spinster. »

2021: “Do you have a cat? So cool, you’re so lucky, you should film him and make him an internet star”

Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today
Picture credits: Topito

9. Music of the 1980s

In 15 years, listening to Niagara took 15,000 coolness points. That’s a thousand a year.

10. Love comics

Loving comics was once a sad nerd habit, used to pawing on Manara boards while living space adventures in thought if not living them for real. We thought you were too dumb to read real books. Your collection made people laugh and your serigraphs made them cry. From now on, you are the provider of advice before each birthday present and people flock to spend the afternoon at your house reading all your comics.

11. TV series

Columbus? Nerdy. Bowler hat and leather boots? Incomprehensible. Sincerely yours? Way. Under the sun ? Shit. The Little House On The Prairie ? A hell. MacGyver? Tocardos. Dallas? Do not make me laugh. TV was shit and series the prerogative of uneducated people who watched it.

Today, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad you are a UFO.

Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today
Picture credits: Topito

12. The high waist

Is it necessary to recall the look that we put on a person wearing high-waisted jeans in 2000?

13. Nagui

In 2000 Nagui was in the middle of the desert. Now he’s the highest-paid host-producer in all of television and has 371,000 Instagram followers. Life, huh.

14. Matthew McConaughey

Someone will one day have to reveal the process that led to the 2000s most dodgy 30-something actor, accustomed to lousy romantic comedies and under-produced muscle movies, becoming the 40-something with the best filmography of the 2010s. , we will get answers.

Top 14 things that sucked 20 years ago but are cool today

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