Top 14 things that must have been super annoying for prehistoric men

Before we could live as we do today, namely rather correctly on the whole we will not say the opposite, our ancestors had a lot of trouble and were a little worse off. Like they didn’t have kettles or nail clippers for example. Which is one of the best inventions of humanity anyway. But then how lived these particular beings and what was the shit that they typed daily (apart from those of mammoths in front of their house)? Let’s see all this together.

1. Being just about all screwed up the same

It is estimated that Neanderthals were quite small, stocky and muscular: an average of six feet tall and 200 pounds for men and five feet five and 150 pounds for women. A fairly widespread physical average that was fashionable, therefore a standard in all the ready-to-wear caves of the time.

2. Practice cannibalism

There is not enough evidence that disproves cannibalism among Neanderthals. Although we can’t really say whether they practiced it or not, several pieces of evidence lean towards the yes side. For example, animal bones have been found in several sites mixed with human bones without distinction and traces have been found on bodies such as voluntary calcination, disarticulation and defleshing. These various proofs lead the experts to think that ultimately, they were probably eating each other a little.

3. Have a predominantly meat-based diet

Many fantasies are evoked about Neanderthals that they fed exclusively on mammoth meat and loved smurf. In fact, plant traces were found trapped in the tartar of several dentitions of the time, which means that their mode of feeding was close to that of hunter-gatherers. However, consumption of meat was still higher than that of vegetables, about 80% against 20%, which makes it sausage and rillettes.

Top 14 things that must have been super annoying for prehistoric men

4. Having a whole bunch of illnesses without really being able to treat them

That must have been very annoying. Advances in medicine (whether in terms of vaccinations, operations or drugs) were not really there at that time. Even very far from it. So we imagine that they were trying to heal themselves with plants, which can be quite light when you have an open fracture or a bear has just eaten your leg.

5. Having to shop at the nearest bush

Yes, because at the time there weren’t really any grocery stores. We were going to pick and hunt while pissing each other off. And when someone had already come by to take everything that was edible from the usual bush or tree, it was really bad and we probably had to eat the last born.

6. Make tribal art

Well, aside from carving clubs (which doesn’t mean what you think), Neanderthals carved stuff on bones or on walls and were kind of the forerunners of abstract art. Must say that they did not have the most advanced tools to work and that we can imagine that art was not their priority but that it was necessary above all to make the economy work (if that reminds you somebody). For example, this small engraving of the “+” sign would correspond to a concert poster of the time.

7. Defecate outside

Yeah, having to do that outside already sucks, but doing it all the time and especially when it’s snowing, raining or when a herd of bison is charging at you must have been really very boring.

8. Having to keep the fire going

No lighters for Neanderthals. So, once we had managed to make a fire, we had to maintain it as long as possible. And when we entrusted him to the dumbest guy in the tribe, it was not impossible for him to fall asleep and the fire to go out, so we had to start all over again. Because there’s always a jerk in the tribe, just as there’s always a jerk in the family.

9. Stink well from the face, from the body, from everywhere

You know what it’s like in the morning before you brush your teeth, don’t act like it smells like roses. Bah imagine living in a village where no one has ever brushed their teeth. In addition, to eat only meat it must have pushed back the salad bowl into the cave. Hygiene in general, moreover, there weren’t really any showers at the time and we had to daub really well. Afterwards at least they didn’t have the shouting match of “you’ve been in the bathroom for 2 hours”.

Top 14 things that must have been super annoying for prehistoric men

10. Having to make a new spear every time you bust yours

Today we complain when we break our things, but in reality it is generally enough to go and take our product to the after-sales service or to replace it with a new one. But at the time, when you farted something, you had to make it all over again, especially hunting weapons. And that, it must have been a lot of fun to have to cut a stone and a branch to make a new spear every time you farted or misplaced yours.

11. Flint shave

Certainly there is a blow to take to not hurt yourself too much. Sharpening the stone well and shaving the beard must have been special. Well ok, maybe they didn’t actually shave, but those who tried probably turned everyone else off.

12. Find your cellar tagged by young thugs

You’ve set up your quiet basement and local kids come and draw bullshit on your walls when you’re out hunting. Frankly, it’s completely disrespectful, plus they didn’t draw very well at the time guys, and there was clearly no police station to file a complaint.

Top 14 things that must have been super annoying for prehistoric men
Picture credits: Topito

13. Living in constant danger

Between the other tribes, the angry animals, the diseases, the insects and the bad weather, it really must not have been an afternoon at the bridge club to live in at that time and it must not have been uncommon to hear when waking up in the morning “Grugru died last night eaten by a bear. »

14. Collect rocks

It was kind of the fashionable thing at the time, we didn’t call it the Stone Age for nothing. Must say that there were no movies, music, games… So we had fun with pebbles, we collected pebbles, we ate pebbles, we cut pebbles… In short, all the time, stones everywhere. And frankly we quickly made the rounds of everything we can do with it.

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