Top 14 theories that destroy our childhood memories

Hello hello Gen Z and Gen Y! Yes, I include everyone, me. Because, whether you’re 18 or 35 today, there are movies and cartoons that we’ve all seen (even dozens of times, for some). Small cinematographic works that punctuated our mornings before leaving for school, or our Sunday afternoons if, for you too, it was the only TV slot authorized. In any case, when we think back to these films, we have a little smile of nostalgia that settles on our face. After reading this top, it won’t happen again. Instead of a small smile, you’ll have big tears of blood to deal with. Prepare to be bowled over.

1. Teletubbies are cannibalistic and get knocked out by their vacuum cleaner

Attention, not recommended for people under 18 years old. Besides the fact that they are most likely under narcotics, there are plenty of other creepy theories about these little animals. Or… Monsters? Living stuffed animals? What is it exactly ? Among the rumors put forward: the Teletubbies would have sex with their vacuum cleaner (which is not without reminding us of the loan of this champion of the week). I’ll let you judge for yourself, but this extract is still… Intriguing? “Noo noo is washing Po”, yeah, yeah… “Washing”, yeah.

Some push the vice even further, judging that they are in fact cannibals. For these people (like here), the idea is defended by two elements: the thing they eat for breakfast is mysterious, and could simply be cooked from other Teletubbies. Moreover, the detractors argue that if only 4 Teletubbies appear on the screen, it is because they simply stumbled and ate the other inhabitants. creepy.

2. Mr. Krabs would also be a cannibal (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Just as the Teletubbies might eat their buddies for breakfast, some argue that the magic ingredient, which makes the success of the pies sold in Mr. Krabs’ restaurant, could quite simply be crabmeat. In any case, this is the theory put forward by many users on Reddit! According to them, this greedy character, the only crab in town, could well have murdered all his friends to serve them in his establishment. Some even go so far as to think that Ms. Krabs would also have gone to the pan. Literally.

3. …and Bikini Bottom was created by nuclear testing

For those who didn’t have a childhood or who grew up in a cave: Bikini Bottom is none other than the town in which the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes take place. For some cartoon enthusiasts, Bikini Bottom is actually under Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Namely: the place where the US government conducted 23 nuclear tests during the Cold War. If we follow this idea, Bob and his friends would be none other than aquatic mutations whose body and mind have been deformed by nuclear waste. That would explain a lot… Like: why the characters dress like 50s dads, why they still send letters, why it’s OK for a guy to live in a pineapple, for a sponge to be best friends with a starfish in swimming shorts, or a squirrel in an astronaut’s outfit under the ocean.

4. Peppa Pig takes place in a world where humans are all long dead

These ugly pigs (it must be said what is) would evolve in a post-apocalyptic world, in which the human race would have been wiped out. After this event, mammals would have reached the top of the food chain, would have adapted and would have developed an increasingly strong intelligence. “Lower” animals such as fish or reptiles would then have become their pets. Some push the theory further, claiming that the disappearance of humans is linked to a nuclear disaster. The possible waste and radiation left by the unmaintained power stations would explain in particular why all the animals of the cartoon have the face of trav’ or why the elephants and the pigs have the same size. Otherwise, it’s just a guy who drew it a little drunk, and here it is.

5. The world of “Shrek” was ravaged by nuclear war

In the family of post nuclear drama cartoons, I would now like Shrek. There is a theory that all four films take place in the fairly distant future, after a large nuclear massacre. Radiation could then be at the origin of certain magic (cc talking gingerbread, cats wearing boots, not very nice fairies and singing donkeys). Fortunately, despite the disappearance of a good number of humans, the All Star song has stood the test of time and is still listened to thousands of years later. Phew. Come on, we listen to it for the trouble.

6. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are siblings

There are thousands of theories about the saga, but this one is one of the most popular! According to her, Hermione would be Harry’s older sister. When we know that she was born on September 19, 1979 and Harry on July 31, 1980, it is not impossible. The parents have not been idle, of course, but it can happen. At birth, the girl would have been hidden and entrusted to the Grangers to protect her from the forces of evil, but her biological parents would be Lily and James Potter. Some go so far as to believe that if Harry knows nothing about this story, Hermione, she knows. This would explain why she knows Harry’s life so well, to the point of answering on his behalf during the saga, as if she knew him better than anyone, or why she would spend her time defending him so much. Remember when in the Hallows Harry blurts out “she’s like a sister to me” about her? (Yeah, no. This story doesn’t hold water. It’s just two best friends who love each other like two brothers and sisters, what.)

7. Toy Story 3 references the Holocaust

This time, it is to the film critic, Jordan Hoffman, that we owe this hypothesis. It brings to light several disturbing elements. Let’s go back to the scenario: the toys are abandoned by Andy, as the Jews were abandoned by the nations in which they lived. Woody and his friends hide in the attic so they don’t die, but get caught and sent to Sunnyside Daycare, an atrocious place where games are abused. The parallel with the Jewish people is quite obvious here. In the Pixar, evil toys prevent the heroes from escaping. Because of these, Woody and his gang find themselves in a conveyor, with a bunch of other damaged games, on their way to an incinerator. The parallel is quite painful to write, but you certainly see the rapprochement with the police who help the Nazis to fill the trains, and the finality of the crematorium ovens. When the protagonists are about to die, hand in hand, they are saved by little aliens. The film critic then makes a link with the Allies who liberated the camps in 1945. What do you think? Disturbing, right?

8. Every character in Winnie the Pooh represents a drug

Ahhh well here’s something funnier. According to this theory, Coco Lapin, always doing a thousand things a second, is on coke. For Tigger who jumps everywhere, it’s ecstasy. Bourriquet being under crack, he never has the motivation for anything and depresses H24. Piglet takes heroin or mushrooms. Result: he is constantly shaking and freaking out about everything. Finally, good old Winnie is the subject of debate! Some think he takes weed, because he’s always chill. Others explain their overconsumption of honey by an addiction to LSD. In any case, nice life in the Forest of Blue Dreams (normal that everyone is def in a forest that bears such a name, seriously).


9. Rugrats only exist in Angelica’s imagination

A somewhat creepy assumption. Those who grew up in the 90s could not have missed this cult cartoon, but may have missed a few details… For some fans, things are crystal clear: Angelica, also called “Duvet- duvet”, would actually suffer from mental disorders and schizophrenia. They estimate that all the other children present on the screen would in truth have died just after their birth, and would only continue to exist in the imagination of the little girl. I let you watch this little video. Creep creep creeeeeep.

10. In Titanic, Jack would be a time traveler

According to some fans, the character portrayed by DiCaprio actually comes… From the future. The proof ? He talks about going fishing in a lake in Minnesota that doesn’t yet exist in 1912. He also talks about taking Rose for a ride in Santa Monica when it’s only built 5 years after the sinking. Oulouloulou the proofs. What do you mean, it’s just small script errors??

11. The Smurfs are part of a cult

Why is it possible to think that? Little people, all dressed identically, with the exception of a guy to whom we add the particle “Tall”, who dance around a fire while holding hands, who never take off their white caps and the almost total absence of female Smurfs,… Yeah, that’s starting to do a lot.

12. In Grease, Sandy dies at the start of the film.

If we translate “Summer Nights”, we can read “I saved her life, she almost drowned”. This song actually tells the meeting between Sandy and the character played by John Travolta. The theory is as follows: the young woman would probably have really drowned, and the film is only a hallucination of her brain, deprived of oxygen. For followers of this idea, this explains why people start dancing or singing in the middle of the film. They also interpret the final image, that is to say Sandy and Danny leaving in a flying car, as the metaphor of a departure from Earth to paradise. Yeah. All that far-fetched.

13. Just like Carl, in Up

Some fans believe that Carl, the far too cute grandpa from Up, would have actually died in his sleep at the start of the film, when he has to leave his house. The film would then be a representation of life after death. Russell would actually be Carl’s guardian angel, allowing him to finally come to terms with the fact that he didn’t have a child. The house would be a metaphor for Carl’s attachment to the physical world. Finally, Paradise Falls would be heaven.


14. The world of Monster & Co has been decimated by the plague

This is the conclusion drawn by some fans, trying to understand why cartoon monsters are so afraid of physical contact with children. They think that the monsters tried to pass the portal to get to Earth as early as 1300. So they arrive in a world ravaged by the plague, but, not knowing the epidemic, do not be careful and bring it back to Monstropolis. Thousands of them died. A traumatic episode, at the origin of this phobia of physical contact.

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