Top 14 singers who are always confused, those who are one and the same…

Sometimes, in life, it is nice to have a view to make airline pilots green or wear glasses with 4K correction, there are things that we tend to take for others. And so unfortunately, there are plenty of foods that we confuse, breeds of dogs that we confuse and singers that we imagine to be someone else, like those who will follow. So you’ll tell me, “But Élise, it’s not okay, you’ve got shit in your ears, poor thing!” » and you will be somewhat right because one day, I confused Éric Judor with Zidane. But frankly, admit that on a misunderstanding, we can get tangled, right? Nope… ?

1. Jason Derulo and Usher

So there frankly, it’s not me who invents it, because in January 2022, Jason Derulo found himself handcuffed after fighting with guys who had called him Usher, which has him a little pissed off. He’s not too wiggle wiggle on that one. At the same time, we are clearly on musical doubles, it was easy to be wrong!

2. Taio Cruz and Chris Brown

I was on the verge of making a quadruple with Jason Derulo and Usher, but since I didn’t really want to eat a nut when Jason goes to France, I preferred to abstain. Let’s just say that Taio Cruz and Chris Brown are also artistically very close, which can be confusing.

3. Priscilla and Leslie

Both of them broke through quite young in the 2000s, both made three incredible songs before evaporating in the wild and both just have their first name as their stage name. And suddenly, we always confuse them, even if they marked our youth. They are also looking.

4. Dadju and Black M

Frankly, in a “French semi-rap” blind test, there has to be at least one person who makes a mistake and comes out with the name Black M instead of Dadju, or vice versa. It works in 97% of cases, I tested it again at Le Feeling karaoke in Tours this weekend.

5. Taylor Swift and Ke$ha

The only thing that differentiates them is that one shits on his exes while the other is recovering from a huge murge. I’ll let you guess which is which.

6. Sean Kingston and Akon

Both have me twerking on all the walls of the club every evening, I am unable to tell them apart. They are brothers, I have no other explanations available.

7. Sylvie Vartan and France Gall

I don’t make the rules.

8. Pauline and Judith

Two tall brunettes from the 2010s who sing with the same voice within an octave and who call themselves by their first name as their artist name. Okay, tell us, who plagiarized who?

9. Isabelle Boulay and Natasha St Pier

We are clearly on a carbon copy, wondering if these people have not shared the same egg for some time. The question needs to be asked.

10. Doja Cat and Saweetie

Two artists who broke through at the same time, who both make a lot of bad bitch songs and who IN ADDITION, we make a duet to mix us even more. No, but it’s okay, we don’t bother you, you don’t really feel like you’re messing up???

11. Guillaume Grand and Gregory

So the guys who have names that are a little too compatible come out, barely two years apart, a song with the same title?? Frankly, it’s a lot, normal that we take one for the other after that.

12. Helene Segara and Lara Fabian

Not mine friends, not mine, don’t make me believe that without looking on the internet, you would know which song is whose. There are things you can’t lie about.

13. Bonnie Tyler and Cindy Lauper

I confuse the brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth less than these two women, that is to say. There is a conspiracy.

14. Jena Lee and Avril Lavigne


Guess who I saw at the festival the other day??? Mylène Farmer ! But if, you know, the blonde who sings “Baby one more time”!