Top 14 series that ended at the right time, those that did not make the season of…

The series are super cool because they’re like very long films where there’s a lot of filler and where you sometimes have to wait ten years before having the end. However making a series is not an exact science, some should have stopped after the first season while others should never have been canceled. Today we’re going to talk about another category, those who stopped at the right time, it’s rare, but it does exist.

1. The Wire (5 seasons)

Well, I’ve already given you the reasons to watch The Wire, so I won’t dwell on that. But if there is a quality to add to this series it is that it decided to stop at the perfect moment: five seasons with each an aspect of the city of Baltimore reviewed, there were still plenty of Other things to say and show but that was enough and the producers didn’t decide to make a Netflix (extend the length of a series only because it works well).

2. Fleabag (2 seasons)

Barely two seasons and a critical success both on the side of the press and at the level of the spectators. That’s the English, they generally like to favor quality over quantity, which Phoebe Waller-Bridge understood when she decided that it was quite enough to make her story last for so few seasons before doing the one too many.

3. The Sopranos (6 seasons)

It’s debatable because some say it got a bit long towards the end (myself included) and others say it was just the perfect length. Six seasons with such long episodes can put you off, but it’s just a pretty incredible fresco on a somewhat handsome guy who is part of the mafia (I may not be selling it very well there). Anyway, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like this series, except a guy once, but I think he was confused with X-Files.

4. The Leftovers (3 seasons)

One season less and we wouldn’t have understood much (already I really haven’t captured a third of the story I think), one more season it would have lost its flavor: The Leftovers is a fucking UFO completely mastered in many areas but especially in its duration. And the season 3 episodes in the hotel, that stuff was amazing.

5. Dark (3 seasons)

The first was incredible, the second too and we could have some fears for the third, but ultimately, it was completely the end that suited this story best. If at the end of each season, there was a new WTF thing that called everything into question a little and that we could say that it was the turn too many, the writers have mastered their subject and gave us three seasons totally enough without pulling too hard on the rope.

6. Banshee (4 seasons)

Frankly, I have nothing to tell you other than if you like B series with fights, colorful characters and ass, you will probably like banshee. It’s all that, but done with talent and lots of good ideas, all in four seasons, just long enough before you think it’s going in circles. Sacred surprise this underrated series.

7. Six Feet Under (5 seasons)

YEAH I HAVE NEVER WATCHED THIS SERIES IT’S GOOD I FINALLY CONFESSED IT. But my colleague Louise, a strong and free woman, told me that it was really very very good and that it had stopped at the right time. So I totally trust her because she generally has good taste. In any case, it seems that it is very mastered from start to finish and it is quite rare.

8. Cowboy Bebop (1 season)

Attention, we are not talking about the Netflix series which should have stopped before the first season, but about the absolutely cult anime which lasts only one season and where everything is perfect from start to finish. There was even a film that fit perfectly into this whole story and we didn’t try to do more. Is that why it became so cult? Maybe, in the meantime dry your tears and see you space cowboy.

9. The Shield (7 seasons)

There, like that, seven seasons may seem like a lot and in reality it’s a lot. But my co-worker Louise (yep, her again) told me it was really “cool ass,” an expression she rarely uses when she’s sure of what she’s saying. So I advise you to watch it one day, in any case that’s what I’m going to do because obviously it’s a series that has gauged its duration and its subject.

10. Mr Robot (4 seasons)

Ok, seasons 2 or 3 could seem a little long at times, but in reality all that was well mastered and it is at the very end that we realize it. Season 4 is also probably the best of all, since it has two very ambitious episodes while bringing a rather unexpected and frankly well-made finale. A fifth season would have been too much, there the dosage was perfect.

11. Breaking Bad (5 seasons)

Apparently you think Breaking Bad lasted exactly the right number of seasons. Personally I found it long, but obviously everyone agrees except me, so I’m probably the idiot in the story. In the meantime, lengths or not the producers could have easily taken two more seasons but stopped at five, and for that I respect.

12. After life (3 seasons)

When Ricky Gervais makes a series he generally finds the right balance in terms of duration: Extras and The Office UK won’t prove me wrong. after-life could almost have stopped at the second season, but the last tour was finally welcome, with very funny, sad and embarrassing moments as we like.

13. Sons of Anarchy (7 seasons)

Seven seasons yes yes, but what seasons, what series, what beautiful motorcycle and what beautiful sleeveless jackets. The fun was intense until the very end, with beautiful moments that gave rise to a spin-off series.

14. Grey’s Anatomy (59 seasons)

No I’m kidding, I got you, huh? Do you realize that this series started 4 years before Obama’s first term? Filth of producers who want to surf on a success by stretching a story already finished to make a profit on the backs of a tired public and jaded actors. Down with capitalism comrades.

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