Top 14 Revenge Stories Better Than Kill Bill

We love great revenge stories. How else to explain the timeless success of the Count of Monte Cristo ? So of course sometimes people go a bit too strong and their disproportionate revenge leads to laughter. But sometimes the dose is right, the idea perfect, and the execution delightful.

1. The cheated wife who knows where to hit

A Briton knew how to keep her cool when she realized that her husband was cheating on her. She said nothing, then quietly walked over to her collection of rare vinyl records (Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin and all) before turning them into new flooring for her kitchen. And since then, she likes going to the kitchen.

2. Crows also know how to take revenge (badly)

The story is crazy: one day in 2016, an Indian saw a small crow caught in a net and tried to pull it out. But he arrives too late and the bird dies. The entire family (of the crows, therefore) of the little one is mistaken and thinks that it is the man who killed their baby: since then, all the crows in his region have been attacking him constantly. And just him. And all the time. Without reason. You don’t kill a little crow like that.

3. The anger of a patient arborist

The town hall of a town in California forced an arborist to pay out of pocket for the uprooting of a pepper tree that he himself had planted thirty years ago. Despite all his appeals, the arborist could not do anything and therefore decided to take revenge. As he tells it on Reddit, he patiently planted seeds of giant sequoias in all those responsible for the coup, and in particular in the mayor’s garden. Then he waited two years before revealing his bad move to make sure the roots had taken hold.

4. You’re not my brother anymore

One day, Aline Lawler Coker, a very normal American, got angry with her brother. And quite angry, obviously, since she decided to buy the 262 graves from the local cemetery to ensure that her brother could NEVER be buried with his family.

5. The most ingenious Japanese in the world

Do you want revenge on the little bullies who pulled your underpants in college? Here’s a lead: for 16 months, a 40-year-old Japanese sent parcel bombs (old woman’s panties, pieces of shit, etc.) to the guys who had pissed him off in college. He wrote a random address on the envelope, left it unpostaged, put the address where he wanted the mails sent to the sender’s location. So the guys got their share of revenge as a return to sender.

6. Roger Anderson invented a robot to get revenge on telemarketers

Because he couldn’t stand being approached anymore, he even set up a company and now earns his living thanks to all the others who buy the device from him, in reality a little old man who says the same things over and over and prevents completely the employees to get by. The best idea in the world to stop teleconsultants.

7. Tim Martin had more nose than his teacher

Tim Martin gave the name of one of his teachers who predicted he would never succeed at his successful chain of stores: Wetherspoons now has 800 stores across the UK. And Mr. Wetherspoons can see his mistake every day.

8. The guy who wanted revenge on everyone

One day, Akio Hatori had the unpleasant surprise to find that his bicycle saddle had been stolen. Most of us would have cursed a bit and then bought another; Akio, on the other hand, decided he was going to subject everyone to the same affront: he embarked on a large-scale theft operation, stealing 159 saddles before getting caught.

Top 14 Revenge Stories Better Than Kill Bill
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9. The girl that it would have been better to marry

Corina Kavanagh had a 33-story building built to block the view of a family of aristocrats in Buenos Aires who had broken off their engagement with their son. Until then, their view was of a private church. Not anymore.

10. Periwinkle Revenge

Jennifer Fitzgerald had left her boyfriend. And he was sad to have been left like shit. Very very sad, even. But instead of going to break up his ex’s car, he bought her a new car. Or rather, he bought a car in his name and parked it in the Chicago airport parking lot for two years. In total, the car took 600 fines for a total amount of 100,000 dollars.

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11. The customer who had ideas

Khalil was cushy at the café when he found himself stuck next to two loud-talking morons who were eating his living space while discussing the name of the company they were about to create and had just found. So Khalil immediately jumped at the chance to purchase the associated domain name. Gnark Gnark Gnark.

12. Marvin Heemeyer and his killdozer

It starts as an administrative nightmare, it ends in madness. Marvin Heemeyer was a small, uneventful tradesman who found himself in the middle of a deal between the Colorado municipality where he lived and a concrete company that wanted to build a plant right next to his store. The problem is that the factory in question simply prevented him from entering his shop. After being dismissed several times despite his numerous appeals, Marvin therefore officially dropped the case. For a year, he built a bulldozer of death and equipped it with all kinds of destructive stuff, including guns. And one fine day in 2004, he went to town with his bulldozer, renamed “killdozer” to destroy one by one all the buildings related to those who had been pissing him off for two years. The concrete factory, the former mayor’s house, all the businesses and the houses of those connected with the municipal commission… In total, his revenge caused 7 million dollars in damage.

13. World’s Coldest Revenge

For two years, a couple of retirees from the Center suffered permanent outrages: theft, damage, flat tires, untimely painting of the barracks and even a dead kitten nailed to the gate. Despite their numerous complaints, the police were unable to identify the culprit. Until December 31, 2016, when the man was caught in the flag. And this man was the former companion of the retired woman, her face covered with a Hulk mask and from whom she had been separated for… 25 years.

Revenge is a dish that is best eaten cold, but it’s frozen frozen frozen and rotten.

14. The potties of Christian B.

Because his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him with an artist potter, Christian B. decided to send this artist a copy of one of his hammer-smashed pots. So far so good: except that the pieces of pottery smashed in the envelope have immobilized an entire mail distribution chain by piercing the said envelope, generating real chaos in the sorting center. Funnier, the director of the center ends up calling Christian B. to offer him his sincere apologies because the jar he had bought had been broken in the sorting center. An impossible imbroglio which ended with the distribution of the broken pot pieces to the right address – 2 years later.

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