Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

After seeing the two seasons of the series En Thérapie, we all really wanted to go see a shrink. And that’s good because this treatment is often misunderstood and suffers from a lot of clichés. And we the clichés we put them in a bottle and we throw this bottle in the sorting bottle so that it is recycled.

1. Seeing a shrink is not an interrogation

Going to the shrink is not like being questioned by the police. The goal is not to get you to confess things that you would hide, like a secret desire to bang your mother or your cat. The psychiatrist is a doctor, so his goal is to help you. Forget Shutter Island and its share of fantasies. Not all psychiatrists spend their time dissecting you to find some hidden defects in order to have you committed to a psychiatric hospital in which, of course, they would test a whole bunch of experimental drugs on you.

2. No, shrinks don’t see you (all) in their attic

No, psychiatrists don’t practice in dark places with a library full of twisted psychological stories. Nor do they consult in luxurious lofts where only a chair and a sofa are enthroned. Most of the time, it is an altogether banal room, well lit in an often minimalist decor. The idea is still that you are as comfortable as possible. It busts the myth, yes.

Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

3. No, the shrink is not a drug dealer (although)

If you thought you were getting medicine by going to the psychologist, you are screwing up. Only psychiatrists and medical graduates are authorized to deliver anxiolytics and anti-depressants. A consultation, and more generally a therapy, also does not necessarily entail drug treatment. Besides, don’t imagine that these magic pills will solve your problems. At best, they will keep your head above water and again, the effects vary greatly between patients. So don’t ask “do you have any?” to a shrink from the outset, it will go badly.

4. No, not all shrinks physically resemble Freud

Moreover, legend has it that psychologists and psychiatrists all dress the same way, with mustard-colored under-sweaters and an oversized corduroy falzar. It is of course false. Shrinks are people like everyone else and like everyone else they usually dress normally.

Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

5. Be careful, the result is not guaranteed within the hour (or even not guaranteed at all)

Going to therapy with a psychiatrist or psychologist is not like taking cough syrup. The result is not immediately guaranteed. It is a long-term work on yourself that will allow you to overcome your various anxieties and to move forward. The role of the psychiatrist will simply be to give you the tools you need to best deal with a situation that has become delicate, even unbearable, for you. If you want an immediate change, go to the hairdresser instead.

6. The psychiatrist is not a “mentalist”

Don’t imagine finding yourself face to face with the perfect son-in-law, Simon Baker. The psychiatrist does not read the depths of your brain like an open book. He needs to hear you, to listen to you and therefore that you speak to him to help you. Don’t expect a miracle solution, it’s not Majax either. Prepare to be disappointed if you thought you would be chewed up the job.

Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

7. No, the shrink doesn’t play Sudoku while you’re talking to him.

We often hear here and there that being a shrink is actually quite easy. The guy sits down in front of you, pretends to listen to you by going “hum hum” every 3 minutes, and above all cashes the big check at the end of the session. It’s not completely false, but in fact, things don’t happen exactly like that. The psychologists are attentive to what you say and take notes to help you move forward and speak in the most effective way possible. A kind of cerebral GPS, only better. So forget the clichés about quacks touching their noodles while you cry all the tears in your body.

8. No, the psychiatrist is not a crook (it happens huh but it’s not systematic we calm down)

A psychiatrist is a doctor with a medical degree. It will not necessarily take 500 balls of fees for 15 minutes of consultation. It is certainly more expensive than an appointment with a general practitioner, but part of it is reimbursed by Social Security. This is also the case with some psychologists, thanks to your mutuals. It’s more expensive than a day at Disneyland, but normally, in the long run, it has a more lasting effect in terms of stress relief. And good news, in 2022 Emmanuel Macron announced new measures aimed at the reimbursement of psychotherapy sessions. YAY.

9. No, the shrink doesn’t see you as a weird freak.

No need to make a mountain of your situation, the bearded shrink listening to you has seen others before you, and it is certainly not your miserable case that will change his life. And if your friends think you’re crazy, your shrink won’t. Whether your anxieties are linked to murderous desires or a simple heartache with your brother-in-law. Let go and go frankly, without shame.

Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

10. No, the psychiatrist is not a weirdo.

The cinema has long maintained the myth of the mad scientist with regard to the shrink. However, and it seems absurd to recall it, but the psychiatrist is not a mentally disturbed person. Not more than you anyway. Except that his job is to help people heal from their psychological problems. On the other hand, it is more than likely that your shrink will also see a shrink.

11. No, psychotherapy is not “for crazy people”

Psychiatry, like psychotherapy, is not just for people with mental disorders. It is above all a question of helping someone who is not well. So basically, if you feel sad, worried, uncomfortable in your relationships (family, professional, romantic, or with your cat), if you struggle to make decisions, or if you suffer from a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence, you have every good reason to go for a consultation.

12. No, we don’t only go to see a shrink for serious problems

Again, no need to wait to be at the bottom of the abyss to consult. We are too often afraid to go to the shrink because our problems would not be so important. If it bothers you, it’s important enough.

13. It’s not at all the same thing to talk to a shrink or to his loved ones

Of course, you can confide in your problems to your friends or your family, it’s even quite normal. But not all subjects are easy to tackle and we cannot expect our loved ones to analyze and listen diligently to our problems simply because it is not their job.

14. No, shrinks don’t just keep silent during the session

In fact it’s all stupid but it varies from one shrink to another and their approach. Without forgetting that the psychologist uses active listening in the session, and is not content to passively hear what is told to him. Silence can thus be an important tool in therapy, in order to give the patient time to come face to face with himself, to promote the emergence of new ideas, etc. In short, being a shrink is a job, let’s stop believing that they don’t give a damn about what we tell them.

Top 14 received ideas about shrinks, we stop saying nonsense

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