Top 14 real tips to help young parents

Your friends just had a child. Suddenly, naturally he has mostly the shape of a sticky baby. Whether you are familiar with the concept or not, there is a whole lot of things you can do to help these people who sleep very little, who no longer have a social life, who are on high alert now 24 hours a day. 24 and who therefore no longer have the same priorities as you. We forget the umpteenth gifts of soft toys and onesies here are the real tips to be a friend of a young friendly parent.

1. Come to their place and cook them dinner yourself, these people are at the end of the roll’s

OK you suck in the kitchen but listen who cares, the idea is that you do not wait for your friends to invite you to dinner and cook you a dish with little onions but rather than you offer them a time of rest and comfort without having to leave their home. It goes into a sausage-mash.

Top 14 real tips to help young parents

2. Offer to take care of the baby while they take a big nap

Here again the idea is to put yourself at the service of these people who are tired and need more pawn than to have a conversation (even if your conversation is fascinating (no it is not)). If you really want to be nice, you bring back your strawberry one afternoon and you let them have a little nap while you take care of the drooling stuff.

3. Avoid canceling when you have something planned

And in the same vein, don’t get upset if they cancel appointments several times in a row. Now you are no longer the center of the world, I know it’s hard but you have to accept it.

4. Don’t forget that people who are carrying around a baby of a few months will not necessarily be available / in good shape to go to a concert or a nightclub.

And limit if you organize an evening at your place, think of inviting your friends young parents a little earlier because they will surely not have the faith to come home at 2 a.m. will probably not come together because you rarely leave an infant with someone else, let alone leave an infant alone because otherwise you go to jail).

Top 14 real tips to help young parents

5. Offer to run errands for them

Yeah, on the other hand after they reimburse you’re not Croesus in fact ptn.

6. Send them pictures of you in sleeping bags to make them laugh

It takes a bit of staging, but when you want to tell jokes, you always find the time.

8. Don’t make them feel guilty for not doing this or doing this, it’s already complicated enough like that

In short: shut up.

9. Don’t be an asshole by complaining as soon as they talk for more than 3 minutes about their baby

You’ve been breaking balls for 10 years with your cat so now is their time.

10. But don’t spend your life telling them about diapers either.

They have their nose in diapers 24 hours a day so even if you are passionate about soft poo, don’t hesitate to take them out of their daily lives by tackling innovative subjects such as real estate or the stock market.

Top 14 real tips to help young parents

11. Don’t give them advice: you don’t know their baby. You don’t know all babies. Besides, you don’t have any children.

Besides, at the moment you have a finger in the nose, ultimate proof if there is any that you have no form of credibility.

12. Don’t start sentences with “I used to do it like that”

Simply because we don’t care. OK you may already have children but everyone does as they want / can so your moral on the homemade mash you put it in an envelope, you send it to Antarctica, you wait for it to come back to you because you forgot to put a precise address, you eat it, you digest it, you defecate it, you wait for it to dry and you worry about it in the powder to inject in the eyes.

14. Don’t ask them to change your diaper

It is very rude.

Top 14 real tips to help young parents

My apologies to all the young friend parents whom I have never helped. But at the same time, you never helped me with my cat either ………

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