Top 14 real tips for not losing your gloves

Dear children, I am going to tell you a charming little end-of-year tale. While the other day, I was zealous by paying myself a short trip on foot to the park of buckets, the most incredible story happened to me… Equipped at the start with only one glove, the left one, I inquired despite the cold of this little outing in the woods. The other glove being already lost in a dark past.

In the first part of the sports course of the park, there are kinds of loops to do tricks. I choose to undertake a failed gym figure on this instrument, and to humiliate myself in front of my spouse who was then seriously considering leaving me in the face of this deplorable spectacle, but that is not the point. In full failure in my fight with gravity, we end up leaving the place and continuing our way in silence.

Once halfway through the park, I see a few meters in front of me a black glove, exactly the same as the glove I had taken with me. A left glove. So far nothing too crazy, in the end it’s just another lost glove. But I realize at the same time that I had just lost my only glove, certainly during my acrobatics carried out at the other end of the park half an hour earlier.

As if… this glove that I had lost had finally come back to me on its own.

1. Put clips at the end of the sleeves on which you can hang your gloves

Okay you’ll look like an 8 year old but it’s not my problem if you palm your gloves all the time like an 8 year old.

2. Sew a wool thread between the two gloves

Now you are faced with a new existential problem: how to sew a woolen thread?

3. Simply invent the concept of scarf-gloves

Or hat-glove-scarf as below, it can be really useful.

4. Sew the gloves directly to your skin

Yes it will hurt a little. Yes you may lose your hands. But look, if you don’t have hands the good news is you won’t need gloves anymore. Yeah, but you have to look at life on the bright side.

5. Use socks instead

If possible, socks with holes and orphans so as not to lose all your socks equally.

6. Not putting them on

That’s how it is, no fuss, life will be much sweeter with cold hands. Just gotta get used to.

7. Take very bulky gloves that you can spot from several hundred meters around

Like for example these gloves in the shape of boxing gloves which are not very practical when you ride a bike but which will have the advantage of always remaining visible.

8. Or take glowing gloves

OK you will look like a Christmas tree but in the night, your gloves will no longer hold any secrets for you.

9. Put them on S file so that they are constantly watched by the police

Another dark story of radicalized gloves…

10. Buy yourself some Bluetooth gloves to make them even more essential to your life

That way you’ll have a real reason to cry when you lose them. For the 22nd time. In the same day.

11. Buying gloves that are way too small so you can’t take them off

It seems to be very good for blood circulation.

12. Or beer gloves like that you’ll never have reason to take them off again

Best invention of the century.

13. Insert GPS chips in it

Or vaccinate them since we know that the vaccine against Covid contains microchips designed by Bill Gates so that we can better capture 5G. You weren’t aware? Maybe you should read up on conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.

14. Wear couple mittens

That way you know that if you lost your glove it also means you lost your boyfriend or your girl.

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