Top 14 rare verbs you should use more often

The French language being relatively easy (no), we have decided to make things a bit more difficult by revealing to you the existence of verbs that are not used enough. Terms that you have probably never heard, but which you will not be able to do without after reading this top! I’m counting on you to raise them from their ashes like majestic phoenixes. Thanks very much ! Voassi donk a top voice so that you stop doing ke to talk all the time for ke you speak better.

1. Jaspin

Meaning : this slang term means “chatter, chatter”. It certainly comes from a cross between the verb “jaser” and the verb “japiner” (to bark often and not very loudly, to chat).

Situation: rolalala what a bunch of talkers these are! Églantine and Géraldine spend hours chatting when they meet at the market.

2. Flagorate

Meaning : a person who compliments his neighbour, but from a fake-ass perspective. It was brought closer to the old French “flageoler”, that is to say “to joke, to say while chatting” then “to deceive, piper”. Your colleague who compliments your boss’s haircut, while she laughs softly at his baldness, for example.

Situation: what a big fake ass this Leo! He spends his day flattering his colleagues.

3. Thrush

Meaning : it’s a verb that absolutely does not mean “to peel hard-boiled eggs”, as its name suggests. No, “mugueter” perfectly matches the expression “conter fleurette”. Basically, it’s “courting”.

Situation: but what a charmer this Kevin! Watch him thrush this young lady who is looking for a deadly man.

Top 14 rare verbs you should use more often

4. Swimming

Meaning : “to wait slavishly at someone’s door”.

Situation: a recruiter gives you an appointment at 6 p.m. sharp, in his office, for a job interview. You are there on time, but he is not available yet. So you’re standing in the hallway trying to occupy yourself on your phone to calm your stress and feel less alone. You kid, patiently, so that he finally comes out to get you. Courage, young swimmer full of ambition.

5. Hike

Meaning : As if that weren’t complicated enough, this verb has several meanings! First, the slang term means “to wander” in the sense of “to move from farm to farm or from town to town to seek work”. Etymologically, the verb is built on the word “trimard”, which means “road, path”. In the slang of prostitution, “trimarder” means “soliciting on the public highway”. Last definition: this transitive verb can be synonymous with “to carry around”.

Situation: there are too many possible situations. We will therefore content ourselves with an existential question: why do we use “trimard” to speak of a person whom we consider not very intelligent? “You kind of path, go! », it’s not such an insult. Nope ?

6. Blezimarder

Meaning : interrupt.

Situation: as soon as I start a sentence, Blaise blezimarde! It’s insup!

7. Shorn

Meaning : over time, this verb came to designate the action of “to obtain cheaply, by trickery”, “to steal”.

Situation: I love going to the automatic checkouts to chip away at my fruits and vegetables!

Top 14 rare verbs you should use more often

8. Pandiculate

Meaning : finally a verb allowing to synthesize a very precise action! Pandiculate is “yawning while stretching out your arms and legs”.

Situation: in the morning, I start my day by pandiculating. I love to panic.

9. Adonize

Meaning : this verb is synonymous with “to embellish, to dress with extreme research”. The term, which appeared in the 15th century, comes from the mythological hero Adonis, famous for his beauty.

Situation: she added a blazer to her outfit to adonize her look.

10. Untwist

Meaning : “to give a forced meaning, a false interpretation to take advantage of it”

Situation: he twisted the facts to place himself as a victim. Disgusting to do that.

11. Snub

Meaning : too nice, another verb that will allow us to put words on what we did not know qualified! “Renasquer” means “to make a certain noise by withdrawing one’s breath impetuously through one’s nose, when one is angry”!

Situation: I understood that it was going to end badly when he started to sneer while reading my report…

12. Vegetate

Meaning : oh no! This does not mean “cutting the lawn”! “To vegetate” is “to vegetate, with a pejorative meaning. To live in inaction, in darkness”.

Situation: he does not seek glory, he simply wants to vegetate in peace.

13. Soothe

Meaning : call his son “Lenny”. No, I decoooooon. This verb is used in the medical field to say “to calm physical pain”. We more commonly use the word “soothing” to describe something that dulls our vigilance and therefore mistrust.

Situation: Doctor Mamour soothed my burn, and my broken heart.

14. Felir

Meaning : you may think this word has something to do with felines… Well, you’re absolutely right! Cheer ! Good game ! “Felir” means “to threaten by blowing like cats”. A verb not ultra-useful, I grant you, but which has the merit of existing.

Situation: when my mother comes, she begins to congratulate. Quite creepy.

Top 14 rare verbs you should use more often

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