Top 14 photos that perfectly illustrate the logic of children

Children are idiots, there’s no doubt about it. They like to walk around with snot in their nose and eat sand for breakfast if you forget to watch them for two seconds. Why ? Because they have a totally different logic from ours. We put the best scientists on the job to try to understand them and they all quit. Suddenly there is no one left to understand the images of this top shared by completely overwhelmed parents.

1. They struggle with the notion of comfort

“We have 6 beds at home and my children continue to sleep every night like grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. »

2. They do not understand the principle of Halloween well.

“I just want everyone to know that my two-year-old insisted on being ‘pants’ for Halloween…”

3. They make incomprehensible decisions

“My 4 year old daughter was looking at something on her tablet which scared her. So she came back with her protective helmet. »

4. They have weird (and dangerous) delusions

“When my son Seth was little, he would beg his brother to put him in that pillowcase and throw him around.

I know it’s insane and the only reason I’m telling you now is because they’ve grown up and I can’t let go of them anymore. »

5. They hate following codes

“This is how my son sleeps. He is surely immortal. »

6. Their imagination is a little too big.

“My two-year-old daughter drew a pillow with chalk and then she lay down on it for a little nap. »

7. They lack family landmarks

“I lost my son in a store…and found him there. »

8. They’re a bit too disruptive

“To avoid perpetuating gender stereotypes, I gave my daughter a mix of dolls and toy cars to play with. This is what happened. »

9. They don’t even know how to use a sofa properly.

“I came home and saw my son watching TV like that. He scared me for a second. »

10. They don’t even know when they’re freaking out

“This is how my 2.5 year old niece insists on holding her little brother. »

11. They make lousy choices

“My son didn’t want to be a tiger or a superhero, he wanted to be a traffic light. »

12. They have really lame passions.

“My daughter now has a special book. She takes it everywhere and uses it for everything. The other day she slipped him into the car and tried to take him to daycare. She asks to sleep with it, as if it were a comforter. The book is Mr. Boston’s official guide to bartenders and cocktails. »

13. They ignore when they are creepy

“She’s been talking into the vent for a while. At first I thought it was cute. Now I’m afraid someone will really answer him. »

14. (Bonus) And once grown up they don’t know why they were stupid

“My mother told me that I loved doing this when I was little. »

Now you can take the opportunity to make children believe things like the fact that there is a left sock and a right sock and that the two feet should not be confused.

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