Top 14 people who had a worse 2023 than you

pire annee

Have you ever had any problems in 2024 when the year has just started? Don't take this as a bad omen and think that the year will suck, maybe it was just a bad day. And to cheer you up, we suggest you see the people who had a much worse year in 2023 than you, because it's always reassuring to see people who are struggling more than you.

“My car broke down this morning on the way to work and was towed to the garage. Not even five minutes after getting home my ceiling collapsed.”

So obviously it's going to be a bad day because the car in the garage is already annoying, but without kidding, can you imagine seeing your ceiling collapse? Most annoying thing in the world.

“The sun started a fire because of that glass handle.”

But the door handle manufacturers don't care, they sell you their glass crap without worrying about the fire it will cause in your home… Never trust a door handle manufacturer.

“The storm blew out my garage door and brought in a lot of snow.”

This way it's cute and enchanting, it looks like a remake of Frozen, except that the snow melts, and when it melts it makes water, so this poor guy's garage is not at end of his troubles.

“This is why you should not install solar panels on your roof when you live next to a golf course.”

In general, you shouldn't live near a golf course, it's like taking a ball in the face. But look at the state of the solar panels, what a bunch of idiots.

“I installed a window in my new bathroom without realizing it was only going to show me this electrical tower.”

It must be said that we can't really realize what the roof is hiding before having removed it… Well, it's ugly but it's not overlooking a huge building where all the inhabitants can see us naked in the shower.

“This is Bonnie, our three-month-old dog. In the night she found a can of paint and played with it. We call it “her blue period” since she is obviously in an artistic phase (the mat costs $6,000) .”

So okay, the dog ruined the house playing with a can of paint and okay that's annoying. But who lets a dog near a $6,000 rug?? You have to explain to me.

“I think someone’s going to be late for work.”

Personally I love cats and, by extension, all felines, but if one day I come across this kind of animal lying on my car I think I'll shit myself and leave the keys with it.

“The dog decided to run into my door like crazy while I was working.”

At first I said to myself that this dog must run very fast and be very muscular to burst a door like this, but when I look better the only question I ask myself is: who makes such thin doors??? A sheet of cardboard would have had the same effect.

“I think it’s a problem for tomorrow’s me.”

At the same time, who fits so much stuff on such a small board without being surprised that the mess collapsed? There's a toolbox, a suitcase, there's even a kettle…

“First day at the lake and I've already been shitted on by birds.”

It happened to a friend of mine on vacation, a damn seagull, we had just gone out and there boom, on his black jacket. Since then he has sworn to shit on all the seagulls he meets and he lives like an outsider in the streets of Saint-Malo.

“I was quiet in my bed when I heard a big glass break.”

So technically it was better that he was in his bed when it happened because if he had been taking a bath it could have been much more dramatic because he could have found himself face to face with that bath sponge super creepy.

“Well…I guess dishwashing liquid doesn't go straight into the dishwasher.”

It doesn't even look like hand-held dishwashing liquid, but shaving cream. It must be a real pain to clean of course, but at least it's a cleaning product basically, it's not like olive oil or vomit. Well, I don't see why we would put olive oil or vomit in a dishwasher but you get the idea.

“1:30 a.m., I hear a loud noise in the garage.”

Why store logs above your car? At what point this seems like a wise decision I can't figure out. Rip the windshield in any case, it goes straight to the garage.

“The only way back to my room is blocked by adorable but very angry walruses.”

It's sooo cute there, little dads are so cute. Well, any living being can react badly when we wake them up in the middle of their sleep, and then there are a good fifteen of them, if things get into a fight it can quickly turn bad, personally I sleep outside in that case.

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