Top 14 people who celebrate their birthday who completely abuse

It’s true that your birthday is kind of YOUR day when YOU are the star. On that day, you like being the center of attention, and that’s normal. But there are some people who are totally screwed over by the birthday concept. They take themselves squarely for divas and think that they have the right to ask anything and everything from their loved ones. It’s impressively stupid, but above all it’s very funny to see.

1. It’s my birthday, give me money

“My BIRTHDAY is in 5 days (July 20)

For those who can’t come to me: My application to receive money is XXXXXXX

Ughhh *** I see many of you liked my post yesterday, but no one gave anything in my app… Let’s try again. If I mentioned you, it means I consider you a friend, please make it so. ***”

2. Want to send him a middle finger emoji

“It will soon be 21 years since my humble and fabulous beginnings, and I know you are all wondering what to give a queen like me. Don’t worry because I will enlighten you.

#1 All monetary funds are and will be acceptable. Send me a message with the *money* emoji to get my bank details.

#2 When it comes to cosmetics, clothing, and shoes, gift cards are a more acceptable option. Unless you know my shade or size, don’t take a chance.

#3 Branded jewelry, accessories and perfumes are welcome.


DON’T BUY me chocolates even if they are expensive. You will be considered an enemy of my weight loss progress.

For all my friends who live outside my country, deliveries take 2-3 weeks, so you have time. Message me with the *envelope* emoji for address details. Peace and love to you all and I hope to receive my gifts on the 28th.”

3. Asking for money to buy your mom a present (which is actually a present for you) is a whole concept.

“Hi, I’m starting a crowdfunding so I can get a VIP ticket for @Meghan Trainor’s tour for my mom and me (2 days after her birthday) so I can meet my idol and my mom can see me cry in front of a celebrity! Please send all donations to @XXXXXXX

Please everyone I need this this is my dream”


” Dear friends,

Every year I make it a point to make my birthday special, not just for me, but for each of you!! Each time I put so much TIME AND EFFORT into making sure you’re all comfortable that by the time my birthday rolls around, I’m physically and emotionally drained. So this year I want to try something different. I want YOU to make an EFFORT and PLAN ALL MY birthday for ME!! You can call, text and ask for my help anytime, day or night, you can do it! And if most of you (except those who helped me a lot last year) can leave me more than half of the check, you can definitely participate and make me feel special!! Over the years I’ve confided in MANY of you too much but all the while feeling unappreciated so NOW I’m upfront that’s what I want and if you don’t it’s finished ! You have 6 weeks to prove you care, start now!! »

5. Well, we won’t come

” Hi there. I invite you all to my 23rd Birthday Party!! Anyone can come but must be 18 or older. As always, I ask to attend my birthday to bring one bottle or 12 pack per person (bottles of wine do not count). This time you can also gift me something from my birthday list. If you show up empty-handed, you will be asked to leave unless you tell me first. Those who have never been to any of my parties know this is something you don’t want to miss. The party starts at 9 p.m. (: We hope to see you here, I can’t wait to celebrate the start of my birthday with you all.

Birthday List: Nike Ellite Socks / Pittsburgh Penguins Gear / Drake Christmas Sweater / Drake Props / Risk Game of Thrones / Ed Hardy “Love and Luck” Cologne / Patriots Gear / North Carolina Tarheels Gear / Red Patriots Jersey / Florida Alligator Gear / Rick and Morty Stuff / Money / (Nothing Under $15)

Again, you can get me anything on this list instead of bringing a bottle, but showing up with nothing is unacceptable! »

6. Just 3 things

Ok everyone, my birthday is coming up and I just want 3 things:

1. Tickets to see Jessie J the one I want are $283 but I’ll take the $70 ticket

2. A Polaroid camera I’ve wanted for a while now (if you’re interested send me a message I’ll tell you all about it)

3. Money. I’ll take a minimum of $21 since it’s my 21st BIRTHDAY

Thank you all I love you! »

7. $50, no less

“It’s my birthday soon so I won’t be accepting presents for the next two weeks.” $50 minimum or I don’t want it. »

8. A Golden Friend

“I’ve told people about our friendship ending and they think you’re wrong

_ How lol

_ Oh good ? Ending a friendship just because I gave you less money for your birthday is my fault?

_ yes it’s your fault

_ Let me explain it again in a simpler way – You got mad at me, for giving you $20 for your birthday just because I gave you more last year. I don’t know but can’t you see how stupid that is? It’s like giving food to a homeless person and he throws it away because it’s not money. And did I get mad that you didn’t come for my birthday? No. All I want is to make you realize how stupid you are to get rid of a friend for such a dumb reason. I’m glad I lost you as a friend because I didn’t know you had that awful side.

_ hahaha whatever, and I didn’t come to your birthday because I had severe pain in my leg

_ Oh really ? At the time, your excuse was that you were on vacation. Come on, no wonder only 2 other people besides me showed up on your birthday. As another person told me, it only took $20 to get rid of you, leech.

_ As you want big ass.

“Oh no, I’m offended”

9. No money? no thanks

“_ Don’t wish me a happy birthday if you didn’t send me money on Lydia

_ … you could not just answer thank you? Have a good day

_ I can receive free birthday wishes from everyone. If you can’t put a dollar in my account, there’s no reason for me to communicate with broke people. hi now.

_ So because I didn’t send money to a stranger… does that make me broke? Sir, this is new. »

10. Stop with your poop emojis

“Listen…I get a lot of heart emojis, but no one sends me money on my birthday. So much hate. »

11. Don’t Hesitate Huh

“It’s my birthday today, so if you want to bless me on my birthday today, I’ll leave my information Lydia here, feel free to send me money.”

Lydia: XXXXXXX »

12. We offered her the cake but she is not happy


“WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I!!!! I’m so pissed, it’s free, but now I have to go get another fucking cake”

13. But… is that an appropriate answer??

“So it’s official: I still have a bit of cancer. I have to see the doctor on the 11th… to be continued. »

” I’m so sorry. The 11th is my birthday. Good luck. »

14. But…

– For sale – iPhone SE mint condition – $200 –

“_ Can I have a reduction, in fact it is my birthday today.

_ happy birthday ! But I have to reach my $200, plus I paid way more than that.

_ Ooooh man I’ve wanted an iPhone for years, and I can’t even get it for free or with a special discount for my birthday.

_ *middle finger emojis*

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