Top 14 of the most rehired star requests during a shoot, no, but that’s fine divas…

There are the stars who have nice faces, the actors who are too nice on the sets, and the others. Those who have higher demands than their already huge melon. The ones that make us want to stay anonymous forever. The ones who deserve to have coffee spilled on them. Well, imagine that, to everyone’s amazement, these are the same people who have little whims and who ask for very boring things when they’re on set. Believe me, after that you will never dream of playing with Sharon Stone and Jean Dujardin again.

1. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone may be a person with a lot of desirable potential, but she’s still boring like death. In 2013, on the set of the film A Golden Boy, Sharon Stone decided that she didn’t like the outfits offered to her for her character. So she asked to do some shopping herself for all of Ludovica Stern’s wardrobe, with the production’s credit card of course. As you can imagine, she didn’t go shopping at H&M or Pimkie, far from it, since she bought luxury clothes. Not very very nice, especially knowing that the prod had already chartered a very chic special train to take her from Rome to Florence. There are some who don’t care.

2. Megan Fox

Megan is not the first when it comes to concessions. On the set of transformers 2, the star was too pale, so she quietly asked for a UV cabin to be brought to her dressing room to get a little tan. She would also refuse to be looked into her eyes or for her staff to wear rouge. In fact, Megan Fox is a bullfighting bull.

3. Jose Garcia

Yeah, it doesn’t look like that, but this good José Garcia doesn’t take himself for crap. His contract indeed contains a “most favored actor clause”, which means that as soon as someone has the right to something, José Garcia must also be entitled to it. That’s why on the show Nowhere else, he got a hotel with a gym and the best trailer on set for his dressing room. So if one day you catch mushrooms under your toes, be sure to have some for José too because he will want some for sure.

4. Catherine Deneuve

Our national Catoche also has its little filming preferences that really break everyone’s balls. The star only wants to stay in hotel rooms decorated with white peonies, her favorite flowers. So the bouquets of tulips to be nice, you can forget.

5. David Duchovny

There are people like David Duchovny who have more nerve than the nerve itself. For the series X Files, the actor complained that the shoot was too far from his family and so asked to move the shoot from Vancouver to Los Angeles to be closer. As a result, all the members of the Canadian team had to leave their families. Thanks for everything David.

6. Jean Dujardin

Jean Dujardin would make a sacred duo of champions with José Garcia. Indeed, in his contract for the film Cash, the actor asked that no member of the technical or artistic team be treated better than him. So if he had to eat a water sandwich, he wanted the other cast members to eat gravel. The heart on the hand this Jean.

7. Mariah Carey

Mariah is a little mytho when she says “All I want for Christmas is you”, because in fact, she also wants a guy who holds her glass of water while she drinks from a straw when she is filming . Merry Christmas !

8. Jennifer Lopez

Did you say rehired people? Wait and see what Jennifer Lopez asks for when she’s filming. The singer only wants white in her hotel room and in her dressing room. No color. No. So you have to repaint the walls and buy new furniture if necessary. The presence of tomato juice is also strictly prohibited (and this is not a joke contrary to what one might think).

9. Katherine Heigl

The star of Grey’s Anatomy had already made a few whims on the set of Kiss and Kill. For example, she refused to shoot if it was too cold for her and never showed up to meetings. Not very mims that Katherine, we are a little disappointed with you there…

10. Carole Bouquet

The film If it was him was not the film of the century, yet Carole Bouquet thought she was the next winner of the Césars. The proof, the actress forced the film crews to go back and forth to find her the perfect pair of boots and demanded fine and fresh green beans, which forced people to go shopping. She had to really run to them on the bean mdr.

11. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson should be as famous for his boring side as he is for his smile. Because as a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, he forbade the teams of the films on which he worked to wear elements (t-shirt, cap, etc.) reminding him of the Boston Celtics team, the historic rivals of the Lakers. Have you ever heard of My body My choice Jack actually??

Top 14 of the most rehired star requests during a shoot, no, but that's fine divas...
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Angela George at (cropped by user:LeeGer)

12. Anne Hathaway

It doesn’t seem like that, but little Anne Hateway has requirements that are not bad for cockchafers. During the promotion of Rachel Getting Married, the actress refused to start the day until she had eaten a breakfast suitable for her delicate palate. On the set of a Japanese commercial in 2015, she even had a dish with a poached egg sent back four times because it was never to her liking. You have to walk on eggshells with her, mdrrrrr.

Top 14 of the most rehired star requests during a shoot, no, but that's fine divas...
Photo credits (CC BY 3.0): ONU Brasil (United Nations Brasil)Published by ONU Brasil – YouTube

13. Franck Dubosc

During filming of Campsite 3, the remaining French Franck Dubosc asked that a car be exclusively reserved for him. But beware, not just any car huh. It was necessary especially because it is a BMW, otherwise Francky had shivers in all the body (well I imagine, I was not there). Well then, aren’t we expecting Patrick in a 10 cylinder sedan and notched tires?

14. Gwyneth Paltrow

I wish I could tell you that Gwyneth Paltrow just wants to see her cum candles lit in her dressing room, but that’s all it is. The actress indeed prefers to spend all her shoots in slippers, but as she hates being seen in unsexy mode, she demands that all filming locations be emptied of their audience. Otherwise, she usually asks for water that hasn’t already leaked, organic vegetables and fruits, and clean gym locker rooms just for her. The flame in us goes out (compared to the candle, do you have it??).

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