Top 14 of the biggest boomers in France (they are strong anyway)

Hello the young, the not so young, the middle old, the old, the ageless, the golden ages. In recent years, the word “boomer” has entered our everyday language and for good reason, many of them strike us with their so-called libertarian but above all reactionary morality. Enough numbers for us to rank our best boomers, those who wonderfully play the role of uncles and aunts reacting to the family meal.

This tweet will serve you perfectly as an introduction (thank you for this qualitative work).

1. Elisabeth Lévy, boomer with a loose tongue

His greatest achievement: when the somewhat reactionary journalist took us out “I would have children, I would not like them to go to school in a place where the majority of mothers are veiled, without non-halal butcher shops, where you are insulted if you eat during Ramadan, including if you look like an Arab. » on the set of Sonia Mabrouk.

2. Patrice Laffont, poor boomer

His greatest achievement: when he said he was going to end up on the street with his pension at 3500 euros.

Patrice Laffont clarified that his retirement amounted to “3,500 balls” and that ideally he would need 10,000 euros per…

Posted by Le Point on Thursday, November 4, 2021

3. Pascal Praud, head boomer

His greatest achievement: his entire career as a journalist, but still this moment of grace (shared with our friend Elisabeth Lévy) which skilfully mixes misogyny with climato-skepticism, it’s whey (turned).

4. Jean-Michel Blanquer, boomer cancel

His greatest achievement: his desire to prevent the dangers of wokism at school by teaching Latin and Greek again.

The reason? Greco-Roman culture is said to be guilty of having been “accomplicated, in various forms, to exclusion, including…

Posted by Le Figaro on Monday, November 15, 2021

5. Alain Finkelkraut, boomer “TAIIIIIISEZ-VOUUUUUUUUUUS”

His greatest achievement: when he asked on the LCI set about the case that charged Olivier Duhamel with incest on his then 14-year-old stepson “But was there consent? At what age did it start? Was there a form of reciprocity or not? ». But we already loved her statement on women’s football “So there, I don’t like women’s football. That’s not how I want to see women. ».

In “La Familia grande”, Camille Kouchner accuses her father-in-law, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, of incest on his brother…

Posted by Franceinfo on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

6. Les Enfoirés, boomers in song

Their greatest achievement: the song whose name should not be pronounced. “You had everything, peace, freedom, full employment, We are unemployment, violence and AIDS, Everything we have, we had to earn it, It’s up to you but you have to move, You missed, spent, polluted, I dream where you are smoking? »

7. Michel Sardou, boomer fast life

His greatest achievement: his song for the death penalty “I am for” (“You killed the child of a love. I want you dead. I am for. ») of course and this magnificent outing on the set of daily “The freedom of speech? Even Walt Disney gets yelled at with his Prince Charming! We can say nothing more! Imagine I go out today ‘I’m going to love you’, but I get insulted! I would be assassinated, there would be a commando. It’s not the best time of our lives. I knew her: I went fast, I drank, we could smoke everywhere…”

“It’s not the most beautiful period of our lives. I knew it: I was going fast, I was boozing, we could smoke everywhere…” Michel Sardou lets loose in Daily.

Posted by GQ France on Thursday, May 6, 2021

8. Christophe Barbier, troublesome boomer

His greatest achievement: his career as a rapper which left no one unmoved.

9. Yann Moix, failed boomer

Crappy writer, crappy director, crappy polemicist, he only has women under 50 left, some of whom we hope will make the effort to want him.

10. Gérard Depardieu, incontinent boomer

His greatest achievement: Difficult to make a choice, but the urine in the plane remains our little nugget.

11. Jean-Marie Bigard, boomer at the end of his career

His greatest achievement: difficult to make a choice between his best outings on the Covid, the vaccine, the health pass without forgetting the delicious “Buzyn, die” chanted at the microphone during an antivax demonstration. We can’t wait for him to come back on stage with Dieudonné (a nice scam in the making).

“I’m going to heal on my own with my antibodies, I don’t need to be injected with shit that’s only going to bring me trouble!”, He declared in particular. ??

Posted by Midi Libre on Sunday, May 23, 2021

12. Renaud, Sarkozy leftist boomer

His greatest achievement: His song sums up quite well the journey of this little man who is not afraid to denounce.

13. Christophe Galtier, the golri boomer

When asked if train travel could be possible instead of private jets, the laughing guy mentions the possibility of traveling by sand yacht. Great. Really a beautiful person well aware of climate change.

14. The editorial line of Le Figaro, the big BOOM

Which takes a more than dubious turn.

“No need to sweat or be out of breath, the main thing is to move and not to sit or lie down”,…

Posted by Le Figaro on Sunday, September 4, 2022

And you, what’s your favorite movie without Christian Clavier?