Top 14 of the best revenge seen on Twitter, frankly it’s deserved

Best revenge seen on Twitter: At Topito, it’s not that we’re violent per se, but we really like stories of revenge, photos of successful revenge and anything directly or indirectly related to small revenges taken on others. Because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing people rebalancing the great scales of karma. Today, we share a lot of little revenge, sometimes very mean, but on Twitter, the social network with people who write stuff on it.

1. So deserved (although pasta ice cream must be good)

“My mum is so petty, she asked my dad to do the dishes yesterday and when he didn’t do it tonight she served him spaghetti in an ice cream cone and said “Since you don’t want to do the dishes, I won’t use any”

2. People we give them that they take that

“Every time people push my ass in a car when I’m at 140 on a 130-limit road, I always slow down on purpose because it’s like I gave you an extra 10 km/h bonus and you didn’t like it so now you won’t get anything. »

3. This is very big and very dirty revenge

“My boyfriend cheated on me so I convinced him to get a joint tattoo… he went first and I came home”

4. World’s Best Grandma

“I was the only one cooking with my grandmother. When she died, she left her best recipe for everyone, except she deliberately took out a crucial step for revenge. This is the level of pettiness I aspire to. »

5. We don’t eat friends’ food

“Once I went out to eat and had barbecued ribs and took the leftovers home. I dreamed about those ribs all night and all the next day. My roommate ate them. 4 months have passed. He forgot, but not me. Today I ate his leftovers and returned the empty box with this note in it: “Do you remember my bbq ribs? I do ““.

6. Never get impatient, there’s no point

“Hello everyone but especially the woman in the crosswalk on her way to work who didn’t like someone honking her horn to get her to hurry so she pulled over and did some jumping jacks”

7. Children take revenge instead of parents, it’s very convenient

“We just waited an hour to see our pediatrician. As soon as he walked in my toddler took his hand and pointed to his watch and said “This is a clock. » Which was the most passive aggressive thing I’ve ever seen. »

8. Revenge That Satisfies Hunger

“Last night some weird drunk guy was trying to hit on my girl so she grabbed her phone, pretended to write down his number, and she made herself a $20 Lydia with her phone and then went to buy herself a pizza with the money. »

9. Too bad, it was surely a great revolutionary start-up project

” At the coffee shop.

The people next to me are loud and rude. They just found the perfect name for their new business.

I just bought the domain name. »

10. A half paprika half curry revenge

“The meanest thing I’ve ever done during a breakup was go into her kitchen and take back every spice I bought. Find another bitch to spice up your life cause it won’t be me. »

11. If it’s played well, it must be very disturbing for the girl in question

“I work at a restaurant and I just took an order from one of my exes and I looked her in the eye and asked for a name for the order like I had absolutely no idea who she was. was. »


“My friend slept with my girl so I replaced her 20 year old whiskey with my 50 year old pee… BASS! »

13. Every choice has its consequences

“Once my husband came home with a Honda CR250 race bike when we were young and poor – the dryer wasn’t working – so I put all his wet clothes on that bike too and I told him he could walk around the property to dry it”

14. AH AH AH

“I worked with a horrible bitch who stirred shit up. When visiting the company, she and I were assigned to take care of the visitors. She was sucking and bragging and acting like she was a godsend to the company… She also had a big booger, and I didn’t tell her. »

Revenge is good, but beware of exaggerated revenge all the same. This is a free warning.

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