Top 14 of the best punchlines of Poutou, the king of clash

Philippe Poutou is clearly the guy who makes us the hardest of this solidly moldy presidential campaign. The proof is the guy with the best repartee in the history of the political punchline and for that alone, he deserves all our love and admiration.

1. “We don’t have worker immunity”

The quote in full: “When we are summoned by the police, for example, we don’t have worker immunity, we go. You have a chance, the system protects you, good for you. We give you the video for more violence with blood in it.

Poutou is a killer

You remember ? It was a year ago, and Poutou got into the ring very pissed off

Posted by Topito on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2. “Fillon he says he is worried about the debt, but he thinks about it less when he uses public coffers, when he pays his family.”

BAAAAAAM. In your face Fillon give back the money. I am giving you a picture of him in case you forgot what his face looked like.

3. “With François Fillon we get mixed up a bit because there are fictitious jobs, and there are suits that are real I think, or the other way around.”

It was during a meeting of the New Anti-Capitalist Party. OK it’s been two times that he’s chambered Fillon but we never get tired of it.

4. “You’re bad, you put me next to Estrosi and you know I’m allergic to reactionaries”

AAAAAAAANNNN. How I would not have liked to be in Estrosi’s place it burns.

5. “Macron, he has recovered all the political losers”

Too good the reaction of Griveaux super upset. Go away naughty.

6. “Are you talking about the racist, fascist, accused of sexual assault?”

Certainly one of his most beautiful releases concerning the Z.

Guest of the Elysée 2022 program, the candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) Philippe Poutou vigorously attacked Eric Zemmour, who was waiting to take his place in front of the journalists

Posted by La Dépêche du Midi on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

7. “I’m not used to being alone: ​​we arrive at the boss as a group, we sequester as a group.”

Come on, but that’s my sure guy from the CGT.

8. “Hollande is happy with his record; that’s why he’s filing it.”

A sentence that earned it the title of the best valves of political humor in 2017. What a talent.

9. “I think I’m the only one with a normal job”

Fired from the Ford factory in Blanquefort in 2019, he has since become a municipal councilor in Bordeaux. But it is true that he is one of the rare candidates to have a real job, that is to say not a professor at po sciences, not a lawyer in a consulting firm and all these obscure jobs which seem to lead more easily to presidential than any manual trade.

10. “If we had known, we would have patented it, it would have brought us money.”

One of Poutou’s last outings on Macron who shamelessly stole his slogan during his last big meeting “Our lives, their lives, are worth more than all the profits”.

11. “I have a question for you: do you have any news from Macron?”

Answer that Mac.

13. “Don’t even bother imagining because I won’t be elected”


14. A Reminder of Things

Thank you.

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