Top 14 of the best memories we have of the Zouzous, rather Debout or Midi les Zouzous?

If you weren’t a teenager in the 2000s, then you may have been a child in the 2000s and in that case, you must have known the Zouzous, this TV show on France 5 which broadcast all the best cartoons on the planet. How sweet was that time when Debout les Zouzous and Midi Zouzous were part of those TV shows from our childhood that we never missed. Bring back the time when we could go beyond coloring!

2. When we dreamed of having Clifford as a pet

Well, with hindsight, you realize that financially, you could not meet the kibble needs of this animal and that its droppings must be the size of a free-range pig, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea to you. .

3. When we played Princess Sarah in the playground

There was the one who had the right to do Sarah, the one who had the right to do Becky and the others who had the right to do the ponies, that was the rule. Do we regret this time? A lot.

4. When we imagined being a chef in front of Cooking is child’s play

The credits were very clearly the best part of this show, but we have to say that we were also a little jealous of Bob and Prune who spent their time cooking like grown-ups stuff that really didn’t look gross. There is school in fact!!!

5. When we were singing the credits of Hamtaro at the top of our lungs

Come on, let’s get back to it a little for nostalgia. Teach me that by heart, I want to hear it at each of your weddings as a ball opener.

6. When we cried like shit in front of Sophie’s misfortunes

I still wonder how our parents could let us watch this cartoon from hell that certainly unlocked more trauma than any punishment. I get chills just watching the credits.

7. When we cried all the tears of our body at the death of Bouba’s mother

Come on, we’re going to cut it because otherwise I won’t be able to finish this top, too blinded by tears and I still have work to do.

8. Magical Doremi

But what are the Winx and the Powerpuff Girls next to Magical Doremi honestly??? Maybe we also asked our parents for a magic console every Christmas for ten years. Maybe…

9. When we tried to remember all the first names of the little animals in the garden, Loulou the louse was the worst

Now, we realize that Loulou was a bit of a service bully who got into a lot of trouble just because he was cheum. Ah, great discrimination, congratulations Camille the caterpillar and Siméon the butterfly!

10. When we dreamed of having the same power as Martin Matin

Euuuuh, we also want to be a magician one day and a prehistoric man the next day in fact! Swing the tips, what do you have to do to achieve this?? TELL THE SECRET!

11. When we were a little too royalist watching Pépin Troispommes

Some came back by watching other cartoons like Rollie Pollie Ollie and Hamtaro, while the others voted Louis de Bourbon in the 2022 presidential elections.

12. When you wanted to ride a flying book like in Simsala Grimm

Is that still our dearest wish? There’s a chance… The metro and the electric scooter won’t steal this childhood dream.

13. When we were amazed by all the stories of Father Castor

This beaver was a bit like our third grandfather and today, we can say, we miss him terribly.

14. When we imagined we had the same soccer field as Olive and Tom

You know, the one that was 1 km long and on which it could happen at least 10 actions per second. Thanks to them, we could have become professional players, but the crusaders, you understand.

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