Top 14 of Nature’s superpowers, she’s still tough

It is often said that Nature is well made, it is false. On the other hand, well done or not, nature does crazy things that even X-men mutants couldn’t do. So of course it’s quite a wide angle, compared to the fact that indeed, nature has powers like creating life on earth OK. Let’s look more specifically at his superpowers, the ones we would like to have in our veins but with which we would certainly do anything.

1. Getting repelled from limbs

Who hasn’t wanted to be able to regrow their fingers after playing with their mixer? Well, newts (among other animals capable of regenerating themselves) can regrow a whole bunch of injured or amputated things: legs, their lungs or even their heart. And there clearly, I put my brain down and I shoot in it with notched sneakers.

2. Have a super but kind super powerful sense of smell

OK, we know that dogs have a strong sense of smell. But here we are talking about a sense that can be up to a million times more developed than in humans (very poor in superpowers, humans, by the way). Basically, you have to imagine that the dog’s vision is not based on images but more on smells to which a third of its brain is devoted. Among the strongest dogs of its kind, the Saint-Hubert is particularly stylish since it has 300 million olfactory receptors. The guy must be in pain when he walks into a Sephora store.

3. Trees invented the internet long before us

Trees have plenty of superpowers of their own, including an ultra-developed communication network based on mushrooms. They allow them to communicate from their leaves to the roots, and when the roots are too far away, the fungi take over and transmit the electrical impulse to the other roots of other trees. Well then it’s not 4G either, this pulse would progress by 1 cm per minute. For this we must especially thank the underground network of mushroom filaments: a small handful of soil contains miles of mushroom filaments, called hyphae.

4. The Power of Immortality

Yes yes, immortality. Well then of course it’s not given to all animals, but the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula is a bit of a champion of its kind since it is able to reverse its aging process, which makes it one of the animals with the most superpowers.

5. A force but OF A FORCE…

The name “Onthophagus Taurus” may mean nothing to you, but the dung beetle may mean more. Well this little piece of business is able to pull 1141 times its own weight. For a human, that would be like lifting 80 tons. Either fifteen elephants or fifty superimposed cars, or 80,000 dumbbells of 1 kilo. The reason for this power? His sexual appetite. In heat, the female digs a tunnel under a dung, where the male joins her to do his business. Often the tunnel is already occupied by a rival. Which leads to a fight. That’s all well and good, but that doesn’t stop him from hiding in shit.

Top 14 of Natures superpowers shes still tough
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6. Bee venom that could fight HIV

Well then be careful, it’s still in the test state so we don’t get excited right away. In any case, a study has shown that the toxin contained in bee venom, Metittin, could make “holes” in the envelope of the virus and therefore make fun of it. Nothing is certain but we want to believe it, and in the meantime this toxin presents anyway full of medicinal virtues such as reducing rheumatism. So yes OK it’s not immortality, but when you have back pain it’s already a pleasure.

7. Magnetoreception in some animals

If it is still a mysterious subject on which nothing can be said, it would seem that several animals are influenced by the magnetic field, especially when they migrate. However, we still find this “power” especially in dogs, which could explain their extraordinary sense of direction.

8. Create clouds of sand WHILE SAND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO FLY

In itself, a squall of sand is not very fifou, we have all seen it just by taking the sand from the neighbor’s towel at the beach. A real cloud of sand, on the other hand, is much rarer. He was so big that he was even nicknamed Godzilla, that is to say. In fact, this is called the Saharan air layer and it is a natural phenomenon that forms between late spring and early autumn, the cloud can then wander from the Sahara to the Caribbean (8000 km, just that).

9. Raining stuff that isn’t rain

We had already told you about the strangest rains, but especially the rains of animals are enough to make you shiver, for example the rains of spiders do exist. Mainly in Australia. The phenomenon is caused by heavy rains that flood the land, the spiders to escape adopt a technique of letting themselves be carried by their web and fly away. The horror. But still big respect for nature and its exploits.

10. The heart beats before it is formed

We mentioned it in the intro but of course among the superpowers of nature which are in fact the greatest mysteries of humanity, there is this famous story of the heart. How does this one begin to beat? Scientists seem to have established a hypothesis recently. The heart begins to beat before it is fully formed. In fact, the heart is always the first organ to form in the embryo because it is thanks to it that the other organs will be able to develop. Basically (luckily scientists don’t present their hypotheses by starting with “roughly” it would make it a hell of a lot less credible), a heartbeat is a kind of variation in the distribution of calcium in muscle cells. This variation causes a contraction and here is the work, the life appears. Fascinating isn’t it?

12. Snakes that can fly

I tell you nothing more, I leave you with this video which I hope will inspire many Z series scenarios.

14. Birds that would be great painters

We don’t often get to use the word “tetrachromate”, except now when you’re talking about birds. It’s not easy but you have to imagine that birds have a dimension in addition to ours in their deciphering of colors. So, if the guys gave them a canvas and a paintbrush, they would put us in misery.

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