Top 14 Most Overrated Animals, The Not-So-Great Animals

The world’s fauna is populated by unsuspected things: for example, there are cute animals that are not at all cool and animals that have a unique characteristic. But there are also, it must be admitted, completely overrated animals that do not even deserve that we memorize their first name. Yeah, I’m mean, but listen, they had to be more stylish too, they’re looking.

1. Dolphins

Excuse me, but do you really have a favorite animal that is a rapist who bullies others, bites children and has a parenting close to a prison door?? Dolphins are puffs, how many times do you have to repeat that?

2. Dogs

Between us, the dogs are completely teubes, aren’t they? In addition, they are a little clingy and not very resourceful… Buy them independence in fact, damn it!

3. Lions

We’re clearly on the biggest scam in the animal kingdom: the guy sleeps all day, he doesn’t give a shit, hardly hunts, leaves the dirty work to the girls and he’s the one who gets all the praise afterwards? ? No but we are there??!

4. The hamster

If there is one pet you should never adopt, it’s the hamster. The bug will just shit in your hands, eat the wires of your fridge and run in its wheel in the middle of the night when you sleep soundly. All this so that he doesn’t even recognize your face when you caress him, a real friendly relationship.

5. Otter

These cute little critters are actually bloodthirsty monsters. Have you ever seen Zootopia or what?? The male otters rape the females while they reproduce, and do not hesitate to rape baby seals, even if the latter die. A beautiful kind of rotten ass.

6. Horses

Horseback riding is an infernal discipline where you have to spend 45 minutes stirring shit to have the right to climb on the beast. Not to mention the equine lovers who squeal when you eat a horse steak while they gorge themselves on eggs laid by hens raised in battery and milk-fed lamb do nothing more or less than discriminate against cuteness .

Top 14 Most Overrated Animals The Not So Great Animals
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7. Duck

They are like ducks, spending the day with their ass in the air and their head in the water. Except that besides that, they are real serial rapists. Moreover, evil ducks would not hesitate to keep the female’s head under water for the duration of a non-consensual report. And on top of that, cases of necrophilia have also been identified. It’s better in pâté, I tell you.

8. Goldfish

Can we do more useless than this animal honestly? The only training you can teach him is to come back when you shake his food. Too stimulating, really.

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9. Groundhog

It may be a very cute animal that makes funny cries, the groundhog is actually a beautiful bitch. It is in fact a very violent being who can beat his congeners to death to found a new burrow and become dominant in the group. Tell yourself that there are even siblings of groundhogs who go on a raid to eliminate a strange dominant to steal his place. Hyper vicious as a system.

10. Panda

The panda spends his day eating bamboo, scratching his ass and falling like a big bolossus. He’s also the kind of guy who vegetates on leftover food because he’s too tired to ken. Clearly not the best buddy to have for an adventure.

11. Squirrel

We are generally just on a rat with a somewhat bushy tail. Not enough to break three legs of a duck.

12. Rabbit

It stinks of death and the thing is having a heart attack just because you turned on the light a little too soon. Next.

13. Butterflies

We adore them because they have pretty wings when it’s just as bad as moths. In addition, they claim in less than ten minutes (a few months), totally useless. In addition they fart a little, don’t they?

14. Sharks

They are completely slammed on the hunt and very often miss their target. So the big eyes, you can’t see well without your little glasses??

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