Top 14 Moments When Cartoon Scriptwriters Failed

What could be better than cartoons on this lowland? Honestly, not much. We keep wonderful memories of childhood, laughter, carefree moments, but also… Well yeah, a few moments of incomprehension. Stuff that we don’t always pick up on as kids, but which shock us when we take a step back. In your opinion, what good are these screenwriters consuming?? I don’t know what world they live in, but it looks fun!

1. Dumbo’s Hallucinations

Clearly childhood trauma. The cartoon is already uncomfortable, but then this scene… The bright colors, the things flying everywhere, the elephants with empty eyes… A trauma, I tell you!

2. Porky the Pig who lets out a little “son of a bitch”, quietly

Well then? It would be a question of not teaching the children anything, my dear sir!

3. And Donald shouting “Fuck you”

So, when it’s to speak in an incomprehensible way all day long, there’s a lot of people, but when it comes to making an insult inaudible, there… There’s no one left, huh! They have a sense of priorities at Disney!

4. The episode where one of the kids on the magic bus commits suicide

I know what you’re wondering, and the answer is: YES, the kid is dead. Like that. On a nervous breakdown. In the space. No, but… At what point did the director say to himself “raaaah ok, that’s okay, it’s sober for children aged 5-6! » ???

5. The Henri train that gets walled up alive

The very principle of this cartoon, with trains with human faces and a voiceover, is too much and unhealthy, but this episode breaks all records! To put it simply, Henri doesn’t want to go out in the rain, so as not to get dirty, which is understandable. The humans then decide to lock him up for the rest of his life in this tunnel, behind a brick wall, to punish him. The trains that pass in front of his eyes let go of “good for you”, while he doesn’t even have the steam left to reply. It’s atrocious, and we tell ourselves that the voiceover is going to say a few nice words to him and that he will eventually get out of there! Well no ! The voice concludes the episode with “he deserved his punishment, didn’t he? ! NO, NOT AT ALL.

6. The Tiny Toons die in a car accident

All this after having taken the road completely ripped off, a beer still in hand, driving a stolen car. Ok for highway prevention, but maybe it’s not so colorfully useful on such young children, is it?

Top 14 moments when cartoon scriptwriters failed

7. Tom and Jerry commit suicide, together, on the tracks of a train

The two accomplices are dumped at the same time, because their girlfriend leaves with a richer guy. At the bottom of the bucket and completely broke, they find only one way out: to sit on rails and wait. The last episode of the first series ends like this, with a train whistle on a black screen. FUN. Luckily, both animals survived (or resurrected) as they appeared in dozens and dozens of new episodes thereafter. Phew!

8. Spongebob Squarepants

SENSIBLE SOUL TO WITHHOLD. In addition to being particularly gory and hurtful, this scene is also slightly exaggerated. Not to mention the fact that the first things to come out of that infected finger are little confetti. Then 10.5 liters of pus. Disgusting. Perched, AND disgusting.

9. The guy who decided to make a uc movie with talking sausages

We do not suspect it when we see the trailer, and therefore, we take our children quietly to the cinema, to see sausages and bagel breads discussing between them, and, there… SURPRISE. It’s a big blockbuster, “what’s in my fridge” version. We’re read by relatively young people, so I’ll spare you the general orgy scene, which is very explicit and surprising. Who wakes up one morning, sees his chipos in his fridge and says to himself “oh waw, brilliant idea! I’m going to turn these little foods into a uc cartoon”?

10. The Simpsons Jockey Elves

Ok, the Simpsons WTF scenes are endless. I chose this one out of a host of other possibilities. It must be said that you have to have a sequence of ideas to say to yourself “so, there, Homer wins a horse race, and BOOM, GENERAL SURPRISE: the jockeys actually live in a magical world, and are not humans , but elves. There, Homer arrives, and it goes cash in musical comedy. They sing, dance and change color, then get a little aggressive, and…. WOW WOW WOW. STOP. IT’S GOING TOO FAR.

11. South Park and the discussion that goes around in circles, “I’m not your friend, my gaaaars”

Like The Simpsons, South Park collects quirky scenes, but this one is definitely in my top 10 absurd moments, and yet, so funny. “I’m not your guy, buddy!” », « It’s not your friend, man! », « I am not your guy, my guy! », « I am not your guy, my friend! », « It’s not your friend, man! », « I am not your guy, my guy! »,… Try to hold until the end, to see.

12. When Bill Cipher pulls a deer’s teeth in Gravity Falls

Then returns to him a few seconds later, in a Machiavellian, normal little laugh.

13. The 12 labors of Asterix, the song that goes into a spin

Asterix and Obelix talking about food, that’s normal. Asterix and Obelix who sing about food, why not. But Asterix and Obelix singing in a lake of beer, with turkeys flying above them, a feline walking on a path of bones in the sky, and sausages that think they’re rattlesnakes, bah… Yeah, it’s not trivial.

14. Or this moment: the test of the laundry of the Gods

Are we to see here a little mocking nod to the different product placements in films? Sounds like it to me, and honestly… It’s very funny.

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