Top 14 expressions that are (almost) always badly written, small nazi grammar point

Friends of the French language, hello. What do you get when you put together lots of words that you always make mistakes on? Expressions full of mistakes. There is thus an astronomical quantity of expressions that we have great difficulty spelling, and this is not necessarily explained by our natural illiteracy, but quite simply because when we do not know the original meaning of an expression, it is sometimes difficult to write it well.

1. Time for me/you/your sister

Yes, this expression refers to the space-time (the one where you just said shit) which is to be taken back for you and not “as much for you” which makes no sense.

2. Sand a bottle

If it is tempting to write “cut” know that the two expressions are possible they just do not have the same meaning. To sand a bottle is to drink it quickly. To slash a bottle is to snap it open with a sharp object. Reeeeeeeeeeeelatiiiiiiiiiions.

3. For the sake of conscience

And not “learned”, as I personally believed until last month, proof that even an editor at Topito can sink into linguistic shame. Indeed, it is not because one has “too much acquired conscience” that one would act by “acquiS de conscience” which would not mean anything. On the other hand, it is to discharge a possible problem that one acts by “clearance of conscience”, much more logical you will agree.

4. This is where the shoe pinches

Well, even if clearly no one uses this expression to reveal the cause of a problem, the few resistants of the modern world do not always know whether to write “bat” or “down”. In fact, “saddle” refers to the object which makes it possible to load a donkey for example, or if the pack is faulty, everything tumbles.

5. By mutual agreement

If you are not sub mental like me, you will perhaps not feel concerned by this expression. Well know that it could be that some possibly diminished people have long believed that we said “in common agreement”, in the sense of an “agreement” said in common. Yes I know, it’s hard, I’ve been getting treatment since.

6. In two stages three movements

Just like the expression “in time for me”, this one finds its origin in the military jargon “In time!”, one thus does not write “In two in three movements” especially that in this case one would pronounce “in two years three movements” and THAT IT WOULD LESS SAY EVEN SOMETHING.

7. I’ll be grateful to you

You just have to remember that you are not “thankful” to someone, but that you “know” him or her. And even if I know/will be fiercely close, it has nothing to do, so calm your ardor right away.

8. Make good food

And not “do good Cher”, an expression that would apply to the singer’s imitators, and even less “iron good food” which would simply not mean anything. In fact, the real confusion is between “flesh” and “expensive” you will understand. The expression that today means “to have a good meal” initially had nothing to do with food. “Dear” which comes from the Latin of “face” actually meant “to put on a good face”, i.e. a good welcome. It’s ok, do you understand now?

Top 14 expressions that are (almost) always badly written, small nazi grammar point

9. Dealing with someone

Although it’s almost irresistible to write “to do”, in reality it’s about having a business to settle with someone. Come back to the right path, lost sheep.

10. A single-storey house

One would be tempted to write “full foot” for a house in which one enters with the feet. However, we quickly understand that we enter any place with our feet (unless we have both legs amputated, of course). “Plain-pied” refers to the plain and therefore designates a house where all the rooms are at the same level as the plain.

11. Bayer with crows

And not “yawn to the crows” bunch of misfits. Indeed, the expression which means “to daydream” is based on the Latin verb “batare” which refers to the sound that one produces when one is open-mouthed. That’s why bayer means “going wide open”. Basically, it’s a term close to the verb “yawn” which also refers to opening your mouth because you’re tired. Still, for the expression it is “bayer” that has remained. All that to say that now you should feel like yawning. HHHHH.

12. Return the Favor

It’s not damn complicated though! We reciprocate, that is to say, we give back what we were given. You lent me salt, I lend you pepper, logical what (unless you are allergic to pepper in which case it is to be understood as a way of harming you physically). So why would anyone want to believe it’s the device we’re returning? EH ?

13. Discover the pot of roses

Because the pot of roses was originally a box in which women stored their perfume and little secret words. And surprisingly, it didn’t look like a pink post at all. Nope.

14. Trailers

Yes, it’s surprising, but it seems that one of Topito’s editors, whose identity I prefer to conceal, has a friend who still hasn’t understood the concept of “trailer” and prefers the expression “trailer to him”. advertisements”, which is more surprising is that said person is not 5 years old.

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