Top 14 different types of darons, we love them all

Today is not Father’s Day at all (if you ever had any doubts, you’re set) but as we love our dads, we decided to give them a little top tribute. And dads there are all kinds, all styles, all personalities, so here is a small typology of the different types of dads. That way, you will necessarily have yours in the list and you can show it to him.

1. The handyman daron

This one is very common: he has a well-stocked toolbox, comes to fix your faucet which leaks from time to time and shouts “FUCK OF SHIT” when he struggles to do something. Because yes, the handyman dad likes to complain.

Top 14 different types of darons, we love them all

2. The daron who plays rotten puns

There’s always a funny dad who makes daron jokes based on very lame puns that you wouldn’t even dare to take out in the evening. It makes you laugh but you pray he doesn’t put you to shame when he meets your friends.

3. Daron, a high-tech fan

He has a state-of-the-art home cinema, changes phones all the time, has 12 iPads and a smart fridge. He looks like a kid, but since he seems happy and it’s his money, so much the better for him. And at least when you need a new cell phone, he always wants to buy you the best one, and that’s cool.

4. The nature-loving daron

He takes you to the forest every weekend, explains to you that such a mushroom is edible and that another gives you the shit or teaches you how to find a super nice stick to walk on. Thanks to him, in the event of the end of the world, you will know roughly how to survive.

Top 14 different types of darons, we love them all

5. The communist daron

He took you to your first demonstration when you were 4 years old and made you swear never to vote more to the right than the PS. As a child, he rocked you while singing the Internationale and dressed you in Che t-shirts. Never tell him that you are going to marry a trader or a banker otherwise he will have a heart attack.

6. Daron Boomer

He is subscribed to Current Values and constantly leaves the TV on on CNews. When you call him on the weekend, he spends the conversation telling you that “the gay neighbors” made noise again the day before or that he saw girls with rings in their noses and that it’s really vulgar. Anyway, he’s reactive, but since he’s your dad, you try to put up with him.

7. The daron runner who does all the shopping in the region

Every Sunday morning, he gets up at 6 a.m. to go for the “strawberry race”, “the strides of Weppes” or “the 10km of Perpettes-les-Bourgerons”. Absolutely nothing can prevent him from putting on his trainers to go running in backwaters. Especially for his sneakers, he paid 250 balls for them so he had better use them.

Top 14 different types of darons, we love them all

8. The intelligent daron

He buys the International mail every week, watch documentaries on Arte and take you to the museum 3 times a month. Sometimes you find him boring, but thanks to him you get good grades in class without forcing so you prefer to see the bright side of things.

9. The daron who wants to stay a teenager

When you have a party with your friends, he always tries to hang out with you. Suddenly the others find him quite cool but you’re a little ashamed, especially when he wants to accompany you to clubs. Can’t he make friends his own age?

10. The Absent Daron

He wants so much to put his family well that he spends his time on the job. Always dressed in a suit, he leaves the house at 7 a.m. and returns around 11 p.m. Sometimes you don’t really know what he looks like anymore and it’s a bit sad.

11. Daron Gaga

It’s the dad who didn’t want a cat and who finally spends all his time with the tomcat. He even became the beast’s favorite. What he doesn’t know is that if the cat loves him so much, it’s because he spends his time napping in front of the TV and his belly is comfortable.

Top 14 different types of darons, we love them all

12. The Jailer Daron

Throughout your adolescence, he never let you go out at parties saying it was “for your good”. Because of him, you missed all the booms in high school, but you’ve made up for it since you were 18 (you still don’t tell him that you drink 12 pints a weekend because you still have a little afraid of his reaction).

13. The proud daron

He spends his time talking about his children to his colleagues, his friends, and even to people he meets at the supermarket. We can regularly hear it reminding the whole Earth that you had a mention in the baccalaureate or that you took your first steps at 10 months. It’s cute, but extremely annoying for others.

14. The Daron Coach

He signed you up for the sport super early and did everything for you to become a pro. On the edge of the football or volleyball fields, we only heard him and he has already been put in his place many times by the real coach. It never stopped him.

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