Top 14 Details You Didn’t Notice In The Batman

Hello my batarangs, how are things going for you? It’s finally time to talk about the stuff hidden in the sensational film of this beginning of the year, and if you haven’t seen it yet go read the reasons to go see The Batman, because I’m going to spoil like a sagouin in two seconds. For those who have seen it, I offer you a little dive into Gotham to find out what were the little details that you could have missed while scratching your eye.


The very first sentence pronounced live (apart from the voice-over) by the black knight is therefore this one, but where does it come from? This is a nod to an episode of the Batman cartoon (yes, the one from when we were kids) where the character said “I am revenge, I am the night, I am Batman. » Do you also have chills? No because otherwise I might just be a little cold.

2. The mystery man and the reference to the zodiac?

If the film can make you think of a lot of thrillers and especially the film Zodiac, he even supports a reference to the killer in the representation of the mystery man. Already there are the various puzzles to decipher that he gives Batman but also the black mask he wears facing the camera in his videos which looks a lot like the mask of the killer in the film.

Top 14 details you didn't notice in the batman
Picture credits: Warner Bros.

3. The sequel to “Year One”

The comics “Batman Year One” is a fan of the adventures of the dark knight, a very important source for this film with two other comics (Ego and the long halloween). Pattinson’s voice explains to us that this is his second year in Batman, but it is especially when he takes his notes that we can see a small reference to the title of the comic since his notebook is called ” Project Gotham: Year Two”. If you look closely there is also a porn magazine on bats but it goes by super fast.

4. The reference to Warriors

The first scene which opposes Batman to a gang of make-up thugs in the corridors of the metro is very reminiscent of one of the cult film Warriors. But we can also see a reference to a gang in the equally cult comics “The dark knight returns”, it can be a mixture of the two, like mixing flour and eggs to make a quiche. I’m pretty bad at cooking.

5. Mystery Man Cards

On several occasions the Batman recovers small cards sent to him by the mystery man, but have you noticed that each of them could refer to a specific villain? One represents a somewhat mad scientist who reminds us of Hugo Strange, another with a man and a puppet who recalls the ventriloquist, another a woman who looks like Poison Ivy, one who reminds of the cat ofAlice in Wonderland and therefore to the mad hatter without forgetting the one which represents an owl and could symbolize L’ergot, the killer of the court of owls. The last one shows an image of Manuel Valls, the scariest of all.

6. The costume inspired by the video game?

The costume would have been worked first from the military outfits of American soldiers during the Vietnam War but quite surprisingly another inspiration would have played. It would be a costume from the Arkham video game trilogy and it is not even that of Batman but of the Arkham Knight, the very classy villain of the third installment.

Top 14 details you didn't notice in the batman
Picture credits: Rocksteady

7. The Joker teased for the second film

It has not escaped your notice that once in Arkham Asylum the mystery man engages in a discussion with an enigmatic prisoner who can clearly be thought of as the Joker. The laughter, the scars and above all the confirmation from the director himself assures us that this character is, or rather will become, the Joker since he is still in the stage of his origins at this time.

8. The Joker already fought?

Matt Reeves (the director) revealed that an additional scene with the Joker was deleted from the film, but that viewers could see it very soon. We don’t know what we see in it, but it could refer to the presence of the Joker in Arkham, making us understand that he was already stopped by Batman once and that at that time he was only an ordinary thug. Contrary to what one might have thought, it is not Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker but Barry Keoghan’s that this brave Pattinson could face in the sequel.

9. The mystery man’s real name

Basic character is called Edward Nygma, which gives E. Nygma (enigma in English) but must admit that it is a little too cliché. In the comics “Crisis on Infinite Earth” we discover that his real name would be Edward Nashton and that it was himself who would have baptized Nygma, which is more realistic, and Matt Reeves decided to follow this idea by making a once again a tribute to an important comic book, sweeping away the highly appreciated issue where we learn that his name is Edward Balladur.

10. A Robin already introduced?

The introductory scene shows us a young man recruited by the band of aggressors who want to beat up a poor man in the subway, this young man who flees at the end of the fight in front of Batman and above all warns the dark knight when he sees someone a pull out a gun is played by Jay Lycurgo. Those who have seen the Titans series may have recognized him because he plays Tim Drake, the third character to wear the Robin costume in the comics. It would be a strange coincidence if the director had chosen this actor without realizing it, wouldn’t it? We can therefore think that it is the future Robin of the trilogy.

11. Bane’s introduction?

In the last action scene of the film, Batman marvels at his little bat face and finds himself on the ground before injecting himself with a syringe of product which gives him a huge boost. It’s the nature of this drug that makes it super strong and extremely violent all of a sudden that could make it look like Venom, the drug Bane injects himself to be so tough and mean.

12. The mystery man’s dark vision borrowed from another video game

The fact that the mystery man organizes a hunt for clues leaving behind traps reminds those who made the games the mystery man of the Telltale studio. The story is pretty close to the other storyline if you really think about it, from the arrival of a Joker in Arkham Asylum to Bruce’s father not being so angelic, working with Falcone and had been murdered because of his relationship with the mobster.

13. References to HUSH

The comics Hush (Silence in French) offered Batman the arrival of a brand new villain whose face was covered with strips. In the film we have several references to the character, the word HUSH appears roughly during a message from the mystery man but it is especially the name of the journalist who investigates the Waynes and is killed by Carmine which is important: Edward Elliot. In the comic it is the grandfather of HUSH aka Tommy Elliot. This could give the villain a valid reason to show up in the movies to avenge his ancestor and beat up Bruce Wayne badly.

14. Two-Face enters the scene

And finally we leave the film a bit to talk about the rataalada site on which Bruce Wayne connects to uncover the plan of the mystery man. You can also connect to the site and solve small puzzles. We see series of numbers that correspond to the arrival in the comics of characters like Catwoman, the mystery man, Falcone or even Alfred, who are the key characters of the film. But we also see the issue of a comic in which Two-Face escapes from Arkham, which seems to be a curious coincidence, or at least a reference to the inventor of double-sided tape.

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