Top 14 best sites to buy beer

We devote a huge cult to this drink and we don’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day to renew our stock! La binouze, la mousse, so many synonyms of beer that make our mouths water. On tap, in batches or individually, artisanal, local, foreign, amber, white, blonde or brown, with or without alcohol… we have made a selection of the best sites for you to buy your beers online, without having to move from your home. Rare beers and brewery discoveries are yours! Who likes us, follows us… and buys us the first beer?!

The strength of this site? The choice and the originality/ the precision of the criteria to filter and find the beer of your dreams?! Une Petite Mousse handpicks the best breweries from France and the world. If you’re a real beer geek, you can find a selection of rare premium beers and difficult to find in France. Conversely, if you are lost in the middle of all these references, we advise you to take the test to find your beer profile. And for the more adventurous, a home brewing kit is available and a box to receive 6 beers per month.

Price : from 1.6 at A Little Moss

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

You will find a selection of the best beers in the world, on tap or individually, there will be something for everyone. If you dream of discovering original foams, you can also try the experience of the monthly box. You will receive 6 beers per month without having to move from your sofa and that’s great. Finally, if you want to impress your loved ones, why not handle the ingredients and create your own beer? With the brewing kits, binouze will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Price : from 0.75 at Saveur Beer

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

If you want to stock up on finds of French craft beers, It’s here that it happens ! The team takes care to find little nuggets but also to make you discover the craftsmen (and yes, it is also important, it is not only booze).

And if you want to have the impression of receiving a gift per month, you can subscribe to the monthly box to receive 8 French craft beers.

Price : from 3 at Find a Bottle

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Like the popular dating app, this online store lets you discover more 70 French craft breweries. After fulfilling your criteria (price, style, origin, volume), you will immediately arrive on the page of the ideal brewer.

And if you want to let yourself be surprised by a beer unknown to the battalion, the box format should convince you. For 3, 6 or 12 months, you will receive a selection of 6 craft beers directly at home.

Price : from 15 at Adopt A Brewer

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Here, you will have access to an impressive catalog! This online store offers more than 600 references beers from France and around the world. Don’t worry, you won’t be left behind when it’s time to choose since you’ll find a great description for each of the beers, with little anecdotes for some, just to help you make your choice. We have the foam in the mouth!

Price : from 1.79 at Beer Tree

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Expert in french breweries, this shop lists the best beer creators from each region. The search engine is very well done, you can search by aroma, style of beer or even ingredient, ideal for making discoveries.

You will also have a maximum of details on the product sheets of each beer with a “taste profile” (malt, fruity, acid, sweet…) which will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Price : from 2.3 at Beer50

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

There is a lot of information on the site so we give you a little summary. You will find more 1500 different beers and 300 craft breweries Belgian, Scandinavian, English, American and French.

Price : from 2 at Beergium

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

From the garage to the premises in Annecy, there is only one step for the creator of this sign. By creating the Lyon Bière Festival, the founder brought together small and large brewers from all over Europe and barley enthusiasts. On the choice side, there is what it takes with more than 800 references of French, English, Belgian and European beers.

Price : from 1.8 at Bieronomy

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Specially dedicated to beergeek worthy of the name, this shop offers wild beers with natural taste.

You can also register for Club Beverages to be part of a community of enthusiasts and discover original beers in preview.

Price : from 7 at Beverages

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

This site made the bold bet that, alcohol-free, the party is more crazy. And yes, there is no reason that people who do not drink alcohol cannot enjoy a good binouze. The only downside is that you won’t be able to buy the beers individually (only by 6 or 12).

Price : from 17.9 at Gueule de Joie

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Hello friends of the second degree. Well here you won’t have a huge choice, we put it to you especially to salute… the originality. What stands out is the graphic bias of this store. Yes, a famous controversial doctor is the star of the labels… this good old Professor Raoult. You can also find beers with vaccine labels, just to be well protected.

Price : from 1.5 at SHOP2BIERES

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

You will find more than 600 beers from all over the world and a great detail on each beer, with its origin and characteristics to know everything about what you drink. And if you want to have the best month of December of your life, we recommend their Advent calendars (and our selection of beer Advent calendars of course).

Price : from 1.3 at Drinkshop

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

Here, the brewers are put forward as much as the beers. You will have a little word for each brewery, history ofhumanize a bit of all that. On the choice side you will have craft beers in bottles, cans or barrels from 10 different countries. So there is plenty to do.

Price : from 7.59 at Beerwulf

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

The sign should tell you something, there are stores everywhere in France with more “350 beers, 300 wines, 200 whiskeys and 100 rums from around the world“. Yeah, it’s impressive! You can go there for a drink, get supplies or even order online thanks to the really well-made product sheets that contain all the information you need to help you make your choice.

Price : from 1.2 at V&B

Top 14 best sites to buy beer

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