Top 14 Best Server Revenges on Loungy Clients

One day, an idiot invented this very lame phrase: ” the client is king “. As if a guy who paid for a service had the right to do anything and everything without being blamed for anything. The problem is that some people believed it to be true, like the worst restaurant patrons who think they’re allowed anything, and those who give shitty tips to waiters thinking they’re their servants. (it is true that the words look alike at the same time). But fortunately, some servers decided not to let it go when they had this type of customer in their restaurant. They took revenge, and frankly no one can blame them.

1. Keep them your little rotten parts actually

“So today I got tipped 78 cents on a $125 bill and I actually ran after the guys and gave them the change and said, ‘You need it more than me. apparently ” “

2. They mistook the waiter for a parking meter

“Young people gave me a tip of 99 cents and had a big smile when I realized that everything was in small change. I was so pissed off that I chased the little bastard down and told him he forgot his change in front of everyone. 99 cents is not a tip, it’s an insult. PERIOD. »

3. The waitress who is tired of being called all the time when she’s busy

“If you can read this, it means I’m taking care of another table”

4. If you want people to be complacent, at least be nice

“Lol I remember that time I served this girl and she slipped me a badly made fake ID. I didn’t care, so I laughed and let her drink. This bitch gave me a $3 tip on a $52 bill. When she came back the next time, I kicked her out of our restaurant because of her age. MDR. Please don’t tip shit. WE REMEMBER YOU. »

5. Return to sender

“MY buddy got 2 cents tip once. She sued the couple and returned them. »

6. A drink for the kids

“My boyfriend spilled his orange juice, so the waitress brought it back to him”

7. The guy has some nerve

“_ Hey, it’s the waiter you left your number with!”

_ Wow I’m surprised you actually messaged me

_ Well I had a question to ask you

_ Yeah ?

_ Why did you do that ?

_ Eh ?

_ Yeah actually I’m surprised too. You didn’t even tip me 15% of the bill but you leave me your number???

_ Is that why you write to me?

_ Well you were also cute but what took you man? »

8. With a smile please

“The last table I had today. A couple and a baby, they told me that I had been super nice and that everything was perfect… and gave me a tip of 72 cents. I gave them back and said “it will be fine… keep them” and I smiled and left. »

9. A little rough but it feels good

“Once a lady left me a tip in quarters. Fucking quarters. This bitch left a note that said “Be faster next time.” She had just walked through the door so I came out behind her and threw the coins at her, my manager wasn’t happy. »

10. So he can catch up

“One day a guy left me his number and left me almost nothing for tip so I texted him my Lydia address. »

11. Bad flirting plan

“I once served a really cute guy and he left his phone number on the receipt but barely gave me a 10% tip so I texted that motherfucker and I said “you forgot something at the restaurant” and he said “What did I forget? » and i said “the rest of my tip” then i blocked it LOOOOL”

12. Who sows the wind reaps small coins

“Once a lady didn’t tip me despite good service, then got insulting about it and pestered me to give her fourteen cents in change. I dropped the change in front of her, a penny at a time, so she had to catch each one before it rolled. »

13. They may have re-educated him

“One time a guy I know was trying to impress his friends and picked up all their slate and only gave me a $5 tip on over $100, so I threw it at his parents and we have never seen him since. »

14. Kind Revenge

“My buddy told me ‘lattes are for pussies’ when I ordered one. So the barista served me this. »

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