Top 14 Best Chimney Tweets It’s Winter Guys

Summer is officially over and since we live in a country where autumn doesn’t really exist, we unfortunately went directly to the next season, the one everyone dreads: winter. To warm up without having a heating bill that is too high, we make fireplaces (in real life, for country dwellers, on YouTube, for city dwellers) and this is surely the best element of this season with fleece throws.

2. Beautiful flames

3. Goodbye Santa Claus

4. I don’t even understand how it’s possible

5. Confession: When I was 11, my crush said I looked like a potato. So I gathered all the potatoes in the house in the fireplace and I burned it all crying

6. Officially the most vulgar tweet on this site

7. We want more chimney fires please Netflix

8. I like how the people who coined the word “fireplace” made no effort

(fireplace is literally called “place of fire”)

9. Ask the bartender at a sports bar to change the channel to put on the fireplace

10. Fingers crossed for Christmas 2022

11. Same dream as getting into a taxi saying “follow this car”

12. It really feels like it’s warming up

13. I love the new “chimney fire” series in 4K Ultra HD on Netflix, it’s so much better than my real chimney fire

14. No worse than barbecues…

Can’t wait for next summer anyway, we’re peeling our ass a bit there.

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