Top 13 worst misconceptions about women’s bodies

On Reddit, one user asked, “Ladies, what are the worst misconceptions about your body that all men should know about? “. A question that many women have shared from scary life experiences… No gentlemen, a sanitary napkin does not stick directly to the vagina.

1. “The sanitary napkin is applied like a bandage on the vagina / sticks to the level of the thighs”

Unfortunately, you read correctly! Some women have explained that their boyfriends were completely overwhelmed when they learned that a sanitary napkin sticks to the underwear and not directly to the body. Believe me, that’s enough crap as it is. You won’t miss any allergic reactions to glue, as a bonus!

2. “Women pee through the vagina”

Yes, there are 3 holes! The anus, urethra and vagina. The pee comes out through the urethra, not through the vagina, and even less through the clitoris! We learn that in college, huh.

3. “Women’s bodies go back to ‘the way they used to’ right after giving birth”

Indeed, our baby no longer evolves in our belly, but this does not mean that we find our body in a few days! The process is long, and often our body is changed forever. Plus, it’s not just a tummy and hip modification, no. Some pregnancies are very painful, the abdominals can separate, the vagina can be torn, BRIEF. It can be long, painful and mentally difficult.

Top 13 worst misconceptions about women's bodies

5. “Vaginal discharge sucks”

No. It’s not very nice visually, but it’s not dirty either. These secretions are an integral part of the menstrual cycle, and in particular help maintain the balance of the vaginal flora. They maintain our ecosystem of healthy bacteria, which protect us against infections.

6. “The pill only acts on contraception”

Oh nooooo! The pill can also influence our weight, our moods, our appetite, our acne attacks, our pain, cause vaginal dryness, be responsible for a good big drop in libido and depression… IN A nutshell. It’s not JUST a cachet. So leave us alone, make the choices that are best suited to our body, THANK YOUIIIIII.

Top 13 worst misconceptions about women's bodies

7. “Breast size depends on diet”

No, what girls eat during puberty does not affect their cup size. “Ah bah you must not have eaten enough chicken, or drunk enough milk, you! “Bah… Shut up, right? First, there is no connection between the development of our breasts and any food, and second, no one has to pass judgment on your body. Thanks.

8. “Young girls become women when they get their first period”

Some people get their period as early as 9-10 years old. At that age, you are not a woman. Conversely, some have them very late, at a time when they already feel like a woman. Moreover, if the rules are a sign of puberty, we do not feel adult thanks to the modifications of our body. It’s something that has to do with psychology, life experience, maturity, hazards… In short, a whole host of things, but clearly not the rules.

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Top 13 worst misconceptions about women's bodies
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9. “A woman cannot get pregnant during her period”

This received idea is more and more publicly deconstructed, but there is still work to be done. I therefore bring my stone to the building by reminding you that NO, making love during your period does not mean that you will not run any risk of pregnancy. Aaron Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University, said, “When it comes to pregnancy, nothing is impossible. »

10. “women have a smaller bladder than men”

If women go to the toilet more regularly, it is not related to the size of their bladder, but to their position. A woman’s bladder has less room than a man’s to expand, and therefore, to “store” urine.

Top 13 worst misconceptions about women's bodies

11. “The breasts are identical”

Our breasts are absolutely asymmetrical. The difference is not always obvious, but rare are the breasts which present two breasts of exactly identical sizes, or of equal outfit. Our right breast says “shit” to our left breast, and that’s fine!

12. “The stretch marks are only on the stomach”

Flash news: a woman’s body does not change only according to her weight gain or weight loss at the level of the bidou. Moreover, according to the morphologies, weight fluctuations are not visible in the same way. Some gain/lose butts, others thighs or hips, etc. Moreover, the body does not only change in this way: it changes during adolescence, with the development of the chest and hips, during and after pregnancy, at menopause,… Throughout our lives. Stretch marks can naturally appear anywhere that changes more or less quickly (thighs, back, chest, hips, stomach, etc.).

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13. “A woman can lose her virginity with a tampon”

Even me, when I faced this stuff for the first time in my life, I believed it. But no, a tampon absolutely cannot make you lose your virginity! Moreover, virginity is not just a piece of mucous membrane. It is a situation, a whole, a first sexual act. Your first time will always be your first time, whether you’ve used tampons before or not.


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