Top 13 way too cool toys from the 90s that our children will not know (the…

Well, let’s make things clear right away before any unnecessary debate: the 90s are the best. Yeah, don’t be deg the other decades, that’s how it is. In the 90s, or 90s if you want to show off in English, there was everything: the Spice Girls, Nirvana, Mickael Jackson, Casimir, Helen and the Boys and so on. If you don’t approve of my cultural references, that’s okay, I know I’m right. And what messed things up in the 90s were the toys. Much better than a bullshit hand spinner, let me tell you, us kids of this generation knew how to have fun.

1. The Pogs

Better than marbles, better than anything in the world (just that). We collected them, we exchanged them at recess, we collected the most beautiful ones, we had our favorites which made us win the game for sure. We could even store them in special boxes, in short, it was heavy.

2. Polly Pockets

They were little plastic boxes, which contained little houses with little characters, and very cool themes. Like the “Polly Pockets and the riding club” (with tiny ponies), or a small castle, a green park… You could make your little characters evolve in their little universe. I didn’t count the number of times I wrote “small”.

3. Luminous yo-yos

Do you know yo-yos? Those little round things around which you wrap a wire, and which you lower from top to bottom? Well that was it, except that in addition, they made light when you unroll them. And making the figure of the Eiffel Tower (the real ones know) with multicolored lights is the very symbol of class.

4. The Tamagotchi

So that was the cutting edge of technology, just that. You had to take care of a virtual pet, and avoid killing it. For that, you had to feed him, make him sleep, play, wash him… The problem was when he woke up and made “beeps” in the classroom, all because you forgot to feed him.

Top 13 way too cool toys from the 90s that

5. Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo was the Super Class (yes well, we don’t judge my slogans, thank you very much). The Super Nintendo, or NES for friends, was a gem of technological advancement. It was the first sleepless nights to absolutely want to finish Super Mario, it was the joy of rainy Sunday afternoons glued in front of the TV…

6. A Furby

The Furby, a strange fluffy little animal, was paradoxically two things: very cute, and very creepy. With his bead-shaped eyes and his electrifying voice, he became the best friend of children who were not allowed to have a pet for real. A legend says that he also killed children at night.

7. The game: “Let’s draw fashion”

This game was awesome. You just had to choose the records you wanted (hairstyles, clothes, shoes), and you could draw fashion designs at will. Very playful and creative, it allowed to draw tons (yes no, maybe not tons, but a lot) of fashion outfit possibilities.

8. The Trolls

The Trolls were these little plastic characters, more or less tall, who all had this common characteristic: a big tuft of colored hair. It was not used for much, except to collect, the goal being to have as much color as possible.

9. The Slinky Spring

It was a multicolored spring, which we had fun throwing from the top of the stairs to see him come down the steps. You could also play the accordion with it, but strangely no sound came out of it (strange). It existed in all colors, the most hype being to have it in your rainbow (tmtc).

10. The Secret Phone

The height of hype at the highest level, the Secret Phone was a game that allowed you to find out who was secretly in love with you. Was it Bertrand, Denis, or Bruno? (We will also note the hype of these first names). Thanks to phone numbers, you could trace the clues and find out FINALLY who was madly in love with you.

11. Monchhichi’s Kiki

Small furry plush representing a too cute monkey, she had no huge interest, but could put her thumb in her mouth (and yeah). Big fashion phenomenon, there were everywhere. And beware: you could even dress it as you wanted.

12. Action Man

The Action Man were the boys’ toys par excellence. In a society where playing with dolls is not considered manly enough for a child (find the error), toy manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​making a Barbie for a guy, who goes to war, saves the widow and the orphan, and pilot helicopters like a man, a real one.

13. Elastic

The rubber band game was even better than the jump rope. It was necessary to play at least 3, two passing their ankles around the elastic so that the third can jump in the middle by doing “figures”. We no longer count the number of mouth breaks by taking our feet in it.

So good, the little new ones, we’re going to calm down, because we’re the best.

Do you have any other toy memories to share with us?

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