Top 13 tips for securing a hotel room while traveling

The hotel room is clearly the place of life’s little pleasures. The place where you allow yourself a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t do at home. Slippers in a bathrobe, bed the size of a Parisian apartment, and a whole heap of food accessible in a phone call: there’s nothing better. On the other hand, to ensure that this little moment of dream does not turn into a nightmare, it is important to ensure maximum safety. How ? By following these few tips!

1. As soon as you enter the hall, watch your luggage

Just as it is important to watch your luggage well at the airport, you do the same in the hotel lobby, until you arrive in your room. In stress, fatigue and the world, it could easily be stolen or opened to place uncool stuff. We seal it with a padlock, and we keep it near us.

2. Locate and check all doors

In some hotel rooms, it’s not just the front door. There are also adjoining openings. As soon as you arrive in the room, it is important to spot all of them! Remember to check carefully in the dressing room.

3. In front of all adjoining doors, place a piece of furniture

Once the doors have been identified, and even if they are locked, it is advisable to secure them further by placing a piece of furniture (an armchair, for example) in front of them. Even if someone has the keys, this technique will prevent them from entering your space.

4. Similarly, check all potential “hiding places”

Yes, I know, it’s a bit paranoid, but hey… Better safe than sorry! When you first enter your room, leave the front door open and check that no one is hiding somewhere. We look under the bed, behind the curtains, on the balcony if there is one, in the shower, in the cupboards… We can never be too careful, ok?

5. Of course, check the lock on your main door

It goes without saying, but it is essential that the lock(s) on your front door work correctly! If this is not the case, do not try to understand and immediately ask to change rooms. No way you’re sleeping in an open bedroom, actually.

6. To make it more secure, you can add security

On the internet, there are a multitude of small objects, at affordable prices, which make it possible to reinforce closures. There are plastic door wedges, easy to transport, which prevent them from opening when you are inside.

7. Place your suitcase in front of your door

According to this stewardess, placing your suitcase in front of your door also prevents a stranger from entering your room when you are inside. The suitcase complicates the opening, and chances are that the shock between the luggage and the door will make enough noise to warn you quickly of the intrusion. It’s System D, but still better than nothing.

8. Keep your TV on, with sound on

Objective: to let people know that you are there. Quite simply. This could demotivate burglars, for example.

9. Make sure your phone is working

In the event of an intrusion or a problem, it could save your life. I know, we all have cell phones, but we don’t always think about putting the hotel phone on it. The handset placed in your room is directly linked to the reception. In a stressful scene, he could be your best friend. So make sure it’s plugged in and working properly.

10. Cover the peephole in your door

From inside to outside, you can see perfectly. The problem is that you can also see from the outside to the inside! Admittedly, it’s blurry and the field of vision is quite small, but still. If we can no longer walk around naked without fearing that a moron is watching us through the door, what’s the point of going to a hotel, in fact? We therefore put a small adhesive tape or handkerchief on our peephole, so that we can freely engage in any type of stunt on our bed, our ass in the air, without apprehension.

11. Locate emergency exits

Once again, prevention is better than cure! Knowing where the emergency exits are will save you (really) precious time in the event of a fire or any other major problem.

12. Detect potential cameras

You will surely throw pieces of gum in my face and tell me to relax my thong a little, but if one day it happens to you, you will have a moved thought for me, and you will be very angry with yourself for having judged me. On TikTok, many users share videos from cameras camouflaged in fire alarms, clock radios or televisions. We’re not here to feed the psychosis, and it’s still quite rare. On the other hand, if you come across a small red light signal in your bathroom or near your bed, do not hesitate to point the flash of your phone at it, to make sure that there is not a small camera. behind. It costs nothing.

13. When hotel staff come up to your room, leave the door open.

If anyone comes with you to your room, keep the door open. Do not lock yourself in with a stranger under any circumstances. Yes, it does hate to have to be wary of everything, but what do you want…