Top 13 Times A Child Was Much Smarter Than You

Not only is the truth already coming out of children’s mouths (false), but it also seems that some of them are smarter than others. Smarter than you to be precise. We have collected eloquent testimonials on Pleated Jeans but also from you and the result is clear: your children are smarter than you.

1. Is it mission impossible or koua?

“My youngest hacked the parental code on Netflix. She very lightly greased the buttons on the remote. I entered the code when she wasn’t there, she wrote down the numbers I had pressed and then found the right combination afterwards. I am both scared and impressed. »

2. Killer Sleep

“Apparently my daughter asked me for access to my phone while I was sleeping and I gave it to her. I don’t even remember. »

3. They are resourceful

“My son managed to get into my phone and add his own fingerprint to download apps on his iPad while I slept. »

4. “When he recognized dinosaurs by naming names I didn’t even know existed”

We can say a lot of things about Jurassic Park, but it has created mad passions among young people for almost 3 decades (damn 30 years!).

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you
Picture credits: Topito

5. “When at 2 years old, in an ocearium, he looked at an octopus and he said “oh a Kraken” and he told me the legend!”

Yeah well in the meantime, the kraken don’t even exist so he’d better stop talking nonsense to this cultivated kid.

6. “When at 10 years old, watching the Gremlins, he said to me very seriously: this film is a metaphor for human beings, even the nicest ones can become mean and destroy everything. You always have to be wary of everyone. world.”

So boring the child who lays too much criticism on you, eh oh if we wanted to have the Positif editorial at home we would have asked for it.

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you

7. “When at 8 years old, she set up the Playmobil veterinary clinic in 2 hours… The instructions alone were 30 pages”

And to think that we are not even screwed up to stage the surprise of a Kinder surprise… It’s ugly.

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you

8. “When at 5 and a half, he started explaining to me what space is made of (the solar system with all the names of the planets, the Milky Way, the black holes, the stellar clouds, etc.). He looked me straight in the eye and said “I want to be the first man on Mars, I can’t stay on this Earth all my life, I have to see what’s out there!”

Personally, I listened to this testimony with the music of Interstellar and it fucked me up.

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you

9. “The day we were reading Tchoupi at the doctor’s, the latter looks at Tchoupi’s ears with his otoscope and exclaims: “Everything is fine, no otitis!” And then my son replies: “But mom. .. he has no ears Tchoupi”!

The real question is above all to know why Tchoupi has no ears when he hears very well what is said to him. Wouldn’t we be leading the children into error?

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you
Picture credits: pinterest

10. “When at 3 years old she taught me that the space key on the computer paused the movie”

OK but there too after a while if there are failures on the adult side nothing can be done. Good after, I admit 3 years is a bit young to have such developed skills in cybernetchik.

11. “When she programmed me the TV settings in Spanish…”

Not only is she smart, but she also has a great sense of humor.

Top 13 times a child was much smarter than you

12. “When I told my 3-year-old daughter that her pacifier had a swan on it and she said no, it was a flamingo!”

So first “hello”. And then in fact you don’t contradict your parents.

13. “The 4-year-old, I tell him “you see it’s a coffin in Egypt”… he looks at me and replies “It’s a sarcophagus”

Well yeah but at the same time in kindergarten they learn that at school, don’t they? Between two leek soups and hand paintings?

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