Top 13 things you probably didn’t know about Plus Belle la Vie

DRAMA. SADNESS. DESPAIR. After 17 years of adventures, secrets, confidences in the Mistral, deaths of characters, Plus Belle La Vie could end at the end of the year. The news is hard to accept, but rather than continue to mope, let’s talk about a lot of things you probably don’t know about what we can call the best series in the universe.

1. The series was to be called “Mistral Gagnant”

But as you are very cultured you know that a certain Renaud had already released a song of the same name. There were therefore important copyrights to settle if we wanted to use it, which forced the producers of the series to find another name. And what a name…

2. The Mistral doesn’t really exist

Bars called “Le Mistral”, there are plenty of them, but LE Mistral de More beautiful life, it is unique in the world. The problem is that it does not exist. It’s just a decor in the studios located at the Belle de Mai. Dog of life.

3. 60% of filming is done in studios

When you watch the series, you have the impression of being in the real Marseille, but in reality more than half of the scenes are shot in interior sets. But it’s so well done that we only see fire on the screen (in the figurative sense, of course).

4. The sets are among the largest in France

As we said, a large part of the filming is done indoors, so we needed sets to recreate a little Marseille. As a result, there are 1100m² of studio sets, with facades up to 14m high. It’s very heavy.

5. Teams produce 5 episodes per week

On TV, we broadcast 5 episodes a week, so you have to burn to create as many, and that’s what happens. In 5 days of filming, the teams of More beautiful life manage to release 5 episodes of 25 minutes. A monstrous pace.

6. Teams have a 6 week lead on the broadcast

In order not to work without a safety net either, we keep a lead of about a month and a half between the moment the episodes are shot and the moment they go on TV. It leaves enough to manage the unexpected.

7. There are two teams of directors

One that takes care of indoor filming, and another for outdoor filming. It’s that with 5 episodes a week to be released, you have to shoot a lot of scenes at the same time and be well organized.

8. Each episode costs around 85,000 euros

It’s very little compared to most series, but since we always reuse the same sets, it’s okay. Anyway, given the number of episodes to be produced per year, we couldn’t afford to make episodes at 500,000 dollars.

9. The scriptwriters are divided into several small groups

Always to optimize deadlines, the authors must work in parallel on different plots. If a single group had to take care of writing all the plots, it would never be able to complete the work on time and we wouldn’t be able to create as many episodes per season.

10. Authors have a lot of constraints

They must create scenarios both according to the availability of the actors, but also according to current events. As a result, in their offices, they have the schedules of the actors and the calendars with the events of the year (back to school, sports competitions, elections, etc.)

11. During the presidential elections, alternative episodes were filmed

For example, in 2012, the teams had filmed an episode which spoke of the victory of Hollande, and another of the victory of Sarkozy. That way, the day after the elections, they were able to release something that stuck very well to the news. It even seems that at one point they freaked out when they saw that Bayrou was rising in the polls before the first round.

12. Plus Belle La Vie exports rather well abroad

The series is broadcast in Finland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Croatia and Estonia. Can you imagine Roland Marci speaking in Estonian? It must be very stylish.

13. This is the French series with the most episodes

There are at least 4475 at the time of writing these lines. It’s huge, even if it’s still far from the American series which holds the world record, Days and lives, with nearly 14,300 episodes and 55 seasons to date. Something to binge-watch for a very long time.

Here, if you like statistics on the series, you should find what you are looking for here.

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