Top 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Filming Harry Potter

Harry Potter is not only a saga of 7 episodes +1 passed by all states, from literature to cinema. It is also a great human adventure during which kids grew up together among adults who were not their parents. Lots of funny and amazing things have happened over the years. The proof.

1. The filming of the first Harry Potter led to an adjustment to the British Labor Code

Because as it was, it was impossible to complete a shoot involving three minor heroes. The changes essentially consisted of extending the children’s legal weekly working time by a few hours and adjusting the ways of setting up decentralized classes on set.

2. The team had to write all the letters carried by the owls twice

The design team had spent hours there, making hundreds of letters, before realizing that they were too heavy to be carried by the owls. So the guys had to start all over again. Besides, it took six months to train the owls to carry letters.

3. Snape’s Black Eyes

Contrary to Radcliffe, allergic to the green lenses that we wanted to put on him to stick more to the book, Alan Rickman did not escape wearing black lenses to intensify his gaze. The funny thing is that David Yates, the director of the last movies, didn’t know that Snape wore contacts and praised Rickman at length on the beauty of his eyes. Always.

4. In the first film, all the banquet food was real.

Chris Columbus really wanted to have a rendering of the feast and so had hundreds of dishes prepared to fill the tables. But the heat from the tray tended to spoil the food and generate a very unpleasant smell. In the following films, to avoid this ordeal, we therefore preferred to create molds from frozen dishes.

5. The Forbidden Library Room Scene

This scene was filmed at the Duke Humfrey’s Library in Oxford, which made a notable exception to its rules to allow the filming to take place: the library absolutely prohibited visitors from entering with any form of lighter or torch. in its enclosure. Harry Potter is therefore the only guy to have circumvented this rule in more than 500 years of existence.

6. Dudley almost lost the role between 2 and 3

Harry Melling, who plays Harry’s chubby cousin, had lost a lot of weight between filming the chamber of secrets and that of Prisoner of Azkaban. The production hesitated to replace him and finally decided to make him wear a costume.

7. Magic Bus

The magicobus of Prisoner of Azkaban is a compilation of three real buses on top of which thirty tons of cast iron have been added to prevent the bus from tipping over. To shoot the scene, the production shut down an entire area of ​​London for a week.

8. A real giggle

In the Order of the Phoenix, there is a striking scene, during which Ron, Hermione and Harry have an incompressible giggle. In reality, this scene was not in the script: it was filmed by the director without the knowledge of the actors who laughed for real while annoying Daniel Radcliff after he had kissed the actress who played Cho.

9. In Dolores Umbrage’s office, there are a lot of kitten plates

And it’s not CGI: we brought in 40 kittens that we all photographed one by one and then printed their outline silhouette on a plate. Too cute.

10. Luna Lovegood, a true hippie

Harry Potter’s best character, played by Evanna Lynch, was a real little hippie and designer. Despite her young age, it was she who created most of her clothes and accessories, such as her radish-shaped earrings, which she had made from start to finish.

11. The scene of the 7 Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

This scene was absolute hell for Daniel Radcliffe to shoot, as each incarnation of his character had to speak differently and without cutting into each other. In total, it will have required a hundred takes. A test.

12. When Ron gets so bored we have to take him off set

In the first part of the last film, Harry and Hermione kiss. And this scene made Rupert Grin, who played Ron, laugh so much that he had to be taken off the set. It was absolutely impossible to shoot the scene with the other idiot who was making fun of his two friends.

13. Hermione was actually writing during the scenes where she had to pretend to write.

And she wasn’t just doing little doodles, she was writing cute stuff like, “My name’s Emma Watson, I’m 11 and I raped my cat” (ok ok the ending is wrong but you got the ‘idea). It’s still quite cute.

Top 13 things you didn't know about filming harry potter

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