Top 13 things we thought were ugly but we still adopted

“Tastes are undoubtedly above all dislikes made of horror or visceral intolerance. »

Oh yeah guys. Starting a top with a quote from Bourdieu, does that make you cringe? So I absolutely highly recommend Alice Pfeiffer’s latest book. The taste of the ugly (all information to be found at the bottom of the article). Fashion journalist, she wonders about this so-called aesthetic blasphemy. Isn’t the ugly the new punk? Since all that is beautiful, elegant and chic is chosen by the dominant classes, the ugly would then be a manifestation of the counter-culture. This is why the ugly of yesterday will certainly be the beautiful of tomorrow.

In short, these considerations being made, this very nice book inspired us on everything that we considered horribly old-fashioned, ugly or kitsch and that we finally adopted.

1. Leggings (thanks Kim Kardashian)

Certainly one of the people who popularized this moulax object as much as possible. Overall, all you have to do is hang around Kim K.’s insta account (a small, very confidential account, I can assure you) to see that everything that was considered ultra vulgoss a few years ago is now adopted by girls as soon as possible. young age. GREAT NO?

3. Christmas sweaters

A few years ago, we couldn’t be counted on to wear one of these horrible things. From now on, every year it’s the contest of who will wear the ugliest sweater, and we do it with pride.

4. Bananas

Well on that, I just think there was a misunderstanding at the start. Bananas are just the most practical thing on earth. I don’t see when we thought that on the pretext that it wasn’t very chic, it would be considered an ugly object. Look at this :

5. Shark sneakers

They are among the ugliest sneakers in history and yet they are experiencing a return of inexplicable hype. Especially when we have already seen jaws.

6. Lascar-style flashy K-ways

The 90s sandbox scum look has become the new sartorial cool, thanks to a lot of brands that have appropriated the street-wear look but kind of more expensive.

7. The Crocs

Crocs and Uggs, I put them in the same basket. These horribly disgusting but divinely comfortable shoes have managed to find their audience despite an unattractive appearance at first.

8. The insta filters all slammed

Let’s get out of the clothes a bit because that’s not all in life. The ugly is everywhere, even in the crap filters of Instagram that we first looked at with contempt before flinching towards their filthy deformations by saying to ourselves KE KAN MEM CÉ TRO FUNNY KOMAN SA FÉ 1 TETE BIZARR.

Top 13 things we thought were ugly but we still adopted

9. Tik Tok

You remember when we judged this application of young people at the beginning by saying that all the same we saw only shit.

11 million visitors per month in France alone.

Top 13 things we thought were ugly but we still adopted

10. Autotune in music

At first we hated this thing. Hated to the point of writing the reasons for burning the autotune, that is to say. Popularized by Booba and PNL long after Cher, autotune has now become the norm. Very practical for people who can’t sing (but clearly not that), you can experiment with the Voloco app that transforms your voice, it’s devilishly entertaining.

11. Reality TV

I don’t think I’m teaching you much by telling you that in just a few years, this much despised television genre has nevertheless become an object of fascination for many. Between the punchlines of reality TV, the mythical couples of reality TV, the stars of these shows have become figures of influence.

12. Bleached hair

There was a time when bleached blonde hair was all the rage, then there was a time when it became downright cheum, then there was a time again when we even conceptualized the project with the tie & dye. The genius idea: you don’t really dye yourself blonde but just half of your veuch to reproduce this strange discoloration effect on hair that has grown back.

13. The Lidl brand

You remember the time when we just went to Lidl because it was cheap and then overnight we didn’t really understand how or why, people started buying Lidl products and reselling them a fortune on Vinted? The world is changing too fast.

All this to recommend this super cool new book to you a thousand times and don’t forget what Umberto Eco wrote in History of ugliness : “What will be appreciated as great Art tomorrow might seem like bad taste today”.

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