Top 13 things that happen in the worst French comedies (hello Christian…

We love to hate French comedies. It’s one of our favorite entertainments because they’re monstrous money machines that keep us staring at nerdy old actors in musty scripts. So of course, there will be one or two to tell me that all French comedies are not totally rotten, that some stand out. OKAY. But admit that the worst French comedies have a lot in common.

Editor’s note, for the sake of integrity, I will not mention any film title in this top. Not Alad’1… Neither What the hell did we do?!… Nor even Superchondriac.

1. The trailer cuts out 97% of the film

Set to dynamic and catchy music, the trailer will shamelessly deliver the entire plot, punctuated by a few “punches” which viewers will be impatiently awaiting the response to during the film, of which they already know almost the entire story.

2. The soundtracks are identical

And overall, we almost certainly find this music.

3. Christian Clavier plays either a racist, or a right-wing guy, or a big jerk (and often all 3 at the same time)

As there was a subject in its own right, we also made you the worst French comedies with Christian Clavier. That way you will know.

4. The characters live in 200m² Parisian apartments

And most of the time they are either publishers or architects like 99% of the French population.

5. We leave the film saying to ourselves “still it feels good to be able to laugh at taboo subjects such as racism, migrants, chicks and green sores”

And all that stupid lefty stuff. Yes, because most French comedies are right-wing.

6. There is always at least one sequel

And the sequel is still as rotten as the first part to such an extent that we really wonder why we were inflicted with this. For more details you can find our worst suites of French comedies.

7. Besides, in the sequel, they will go on vacation in the Caribbean

History to motivate the actors to play again in this dung.

8. If there is no Christian Clavier, there must be either Kad Merad or Danny Boon

The essential trio of humor. And yet among these three actors there is one with whom I would like to go on vacation but I would not say which one. I’ll just say there’s a K in his first name.

9. Overall, there are still old comedians that we liked long before

Didier Bourdon, Franck Dubosc, Mikaël Youn, Gad Elmaleh… Yes yes only guys. Because it is on them that the comedies rest, should not believe that the zoulettes would be funny too.

10. It Ends Well

And we can say that the main character has learned something and grows out of it: a little less racist (finally, blacks are not all savages and there are Arabs who do not steal) a little less misogynist (finally, it’s true that chicks have a mental load and from now on I’ll do the dishes at least one day a week), a little more open-minded (eventually, if my son ped… homosexual is happy, that’s the most important thing). In short, the character of the French comedy must be crossed by contemporary moral questions and that is super strong.

11. Teenagers are too addicted to screens, it’s insupp’ what

Moreover, the mother of the family often shouts a lot because her children do nothing and the father comes home from work putting his feet under the table.

12. The father has a super boring boss

It will prove to be a key plot element. It is thanks or rather in spite of him that the main character will be able to improve in his heart of hearts.

13. There are always 35-year-old women banging rich 60-year-olds who are jealous because he’s a playboy.

The day when we will see couples in the movies with actresses who play women who are the same age as their husband, it will be cool.

We laugh we laugh but that shouldn’t stop us from going back to the movies because since the lockdown the rooms are still struggling to bait the barge. And the good news is that among the few films on the bill there is certainly one of the best comedies of the decade: simply blackso don’t be stupid, go for once that a French comedy is a masterpiece.

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